Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chee Yeng has joined the world of bloggers! :)

check out his new blog, the Journal of Dr. Wong, Malaysian Healer :) Links are at side or:

:) I like doing these things for ppl. But he's gng to maintain thereafter hahahaa..

just been discussing with sathiya as to how to induce labour, been looking it up too.. quite funny some of the things we've read haha..

coffee with butter, sex, long walks *uphill!*, coconut juice, castor oil (eww), raspberry leaf tea, things like that.. its quite amusing in many ways.. Don wont let me try anything HAHAHAA.. guess cos he's not got a bowling ball trying to come out! or sitting painnfully on his pelvic region, (sticks tongue out at hubby).. although admittedly he has said hes tried very hard to grow a belly to match mine hehehehehehhee Farneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lah my husband!

later days

yawn... so tired.. The pix I've just put on the Cuddly Kids Blog from also CNY time I think, I cant remember haha.. it is at Drew's mum's place and the boys love to have a go at the piano (I think its the noise more than anything haha).

too tired to blog much now.. see how tomorow goes...

later days

Back from Doc's appmnt and Tesco. The clinic was packed, apparently only one doc on duty this w.end so we waited almost 2 hours, urgh...The boys were good for most part but its boring, luckily brought some toys and they tried to chat to everyone there LOL Cant consider them shy I guess.. Anyway, he did a quick scan, nurse asked me to get lower half undressed (she told me this AFTER I had laid down, grr) cos he supposed to do an internal exam.. and then he DIDNT, grrr.. Anyways, just did a quick scan...Baby roughly weighs in at 3.4kg (7.5lbs) now and Ive just reached 37 weeks it seems. so who knows when it is.. sigh...

I hate waiting, I tend to be an impatient person I guess.. anyway we went to tescos afterwards for brunch and household shopping etc. Thats really ttiring. Boys had a splash about and now we are all relaxing... haha..

We shall see how we goes.. Doc said if I pop this wkend, he'd hv to deliver me and hes the only one on duty ..hahahaha...

mebbe I shld do that then.. Im just tired I guess. I feel like a ton of bricks has settled in me lower half, way low, my back hurts.. URGH...

later days

Mutter Mutter. No more thereafter, well, nothing worth writing about anyway. The usual BHs, uncomfy back pain and he's very active in a thumpy way. Today got Doc appmnt so we see how we go.. sigh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSIE!!! :) ITs my niece's 9th birthday today :) hope she has a lovely day, being in Penang and all, eating home made poh piah, yummmmmmmmmm... I jealous.... I cld do wt some of that Hahaha...

Boys, Don and I are gng to the doc's and then tesco's. Need stuff. I think the inlaws are dropping by later today (post lunch) for MIL to learn way here and she hasnt seen kids for a bit or the house as yet (well since reno etc). Mind u, it depends on what doc says.. :) Hope its a relatively stress-free day!

(shuffles uncomfortably to have breakfast)
later days y'all