Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Been quiet, Karen and Drew came around to watch Alias wt us but it was raining ALL day. the boys hv generally been good although they miss their daddy (As does mummmy). Jamie woke up and wouldnt settle back to sleep so snuggled up for a while and tossed him back into bed after a nappy change w.o any complaint. Wed was a nice day weather-wise in the am so cld do more laundry (ahh the joys of a homemaker lol). They are both talking well and josh is also trying to string words together and he's learnt to nod! he likes to do it in time to music so funny! They are getting back at sitting (less complaint from Jamie) and they like to sit on their stools, watch Hi5 and snuggle next to mama (they now call me "me-me"). They also like "reading" a book or two and they've worked out which button to press on the Barney Book thing to begin the songs, clever boys! Heard some sad news towards the late evening of today, Khor-Khor passed away unexpectedly on Sunday (in HKG, she is my sister's godma and Dads cousin, she also selected the chinese names for our boys and the other grandkids), she had been ill (stomach tumour?) but only recently went into hospital. Shed a few tears today while hugging my boys close. Am hoping to find a Buddhist temple nearby so I can say a prayer or two for her in my own haphazard fashion, i think the gods will understand. It's very sad to hear the news of her passing and of her illness but her memory will live on in our hearts and our own memories of her. Reminds me again of the fragility of life and how we shld really maximise the time we do have here, whether it be a long time or short. Seeing my sons (and I hope other children) and the speed in which they are developing now make it very much worthwhile. Musnt get too morbid or down here. Positive thoughts!

later days y'all!