Saturday, October 18, 2003

will write more 2mrw. someone is up so best tend 2 him. The monthly curse is here. URGH.

Hoookay, settled Josh down, put some more fav cuddlies in there.. so far he's starting to doze off, interspersed with some grumbling. Jamie was fast asleep, enjoying I think not crashing into netting anymore LOL In the PM, they didnt sleep much, came to badminton wt me so Papa cld study. Helped Papa finish up putting the new cot bed together. So Jamie is now in the big cot and Josh in the cot bed. So far no probs with the transition. Let's see how we go over next few days. Might move position of cotbed again (Grandma says bad fengshui position) which means we'd hv to move the chest of drawers, the wires and toy box. and it means less place to play too. see how lor. Boys were a bit fussy food-wise today but dinner was fine. They had good walking time. Josh walked three badminton courts by himself, holding a small water bottle! amazing stuff! They were being chatted up by "older women", a nine year old and a 7 year old! they kept walking by, the boys kept "eyeing" them.. then the girls asked me if it's ok if they play wt the babies, I said sure! That was funny LOL The uncles were proud of him. Tomrorow we are going to Ah Ma's for lunch and some playtime. Hope it goes well.

later days, y'all.

Cleaners came, Josh was really ratty that day, too much eating the day bfr I think, poor thing. Anyway, by fri they were fine, back to their good moods. Josh is walking as much as he can. Jamie will walk when he's inclined and he's talking up a storm! Josh continues to shakes his head 'no' when he doesnt want anymore food or he doesnt want that. He then grins at you. the other day they were both shaking their heads and giggling. Some signs of jealousy though if Mama picks up one instead of the other, mostly cos Josh walks and people get excited I guess. But it's also encouraged Jamie to walk too, so am trying to split appropriate attention and give special mommy time to each. Jamie woke up at 3am this time and again at 6am, the 2nd time he was chitchatting to Mr Turtle and then dozed back until 8am or earlier. He's like his Ah Khong, always wake up early whereas Josh is like me, cannot wake up in the morning haha!

I had called IKEA on Fri and the mattress is in! (luckily I decided to call again just in case it came early) and so arranged babysitters (thanks Drew and Karen!), cooked them dinner (their rates are simple hahaha) and don and I headed out. We found the items and we struggled to get it to fit in the car I can tell u. we had four IKEA staff watching us and talking (so helpful u know). Anyway, we managed btwn us to get it btwn the lowered front seat and the back (the mattress folded up into the boot). I sat behind don and had to hold it up most of the way so he cld drive/change gear (seeee, better to drive auto next time! lol). so my shoulder now got a bit of a bruise.. Ahh the things u do for ur children LOL But drew helped don carry it out/upstairs so sometime today we shld get it open, aired and assembled. Don's family want us to have lunch together tomorrow at their house etc so better to do it today, it's gng to be a long day tomorrow. I will go to 1U later in the week to check out the Diwali baju, get some safety stuff from Toys R Us, among other stuff. If can meet Kaki, then good! I think we will be trying to meet some of the nursing mom ladies (the SAHM ones) soon. That will be fun!

Jamie has been an active one, getting a bruise here and there, mostly thru fighting over toy with his brother. (rolls her eyes). I have to do some typing up now, gng to charge up the batteries (we hvnt taken videos/pix for ages actually). Will write more later. Was gng to visit Jo sometime this w.end but depends on drew etc. I know there's something I needed to add but I Forgot, oh well it will come back to me.

later days y'all..