Friday, April 15, 2005

Saw doc. Had internal done (EEWWWW), cervix still high and closed BUT his head has dropped 3/5 of the way into my pelvis, hence the pain, his head is rubbing vs. my pelvic bone! Discussed inducing but not having a favourable cervix right now, mite cause more probs so will leave it till wed. Had CTG done too, heartbeat fine, Had scan done, enough fluid. So just more blardy waiting, but its def imminent LOL he thinks the cervix will get "nudged" into effacing/dilating since head is there now.. sooooooo hv to take it ez, lor.. only a matter of time.. What else was there.. thats abt it really... doc thinks its funny cos usu someone wt preterm labour signs never make it this far! and he says if I go past my due date, it wld be really odd. I told him I'd collapse if I did.

don got the kids and we are hvng some treats shortly, gng to spend some extra special time wt them, just in case.. :) Not sure if parents will come here earlier or not.. oh well.. we shall see!

keeping ya posted!

Doc wants me to come in. Making nece arrangements nw. Karen picking me up, arranged for boys to be in school till after lunch. Don shld be back by then so he can pick them up. cleaner will leave when I do.. sigh.. mustlah hv drama.. sigh

keeping y'all posted.