Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Jamie woke up once in the night, slightly warm, dosed him, gave him water (he finished a small bottle worth), nappy change and off he went. Karen came for the usual Alias night. We finally finished off the Angelhair spaghetti (the Italian BeeHoon as don calls it). Jamie had checkup this morning, all is well, healed up nicely, swelling gone down. A followup checkup in two weeks time to check on the "disappearing swelling". Weighed them at hospital (10.6kg and 10.4kg respectively). Didnt get to measure them cos a whole crowd of folks came in to get their kiddies weighed/measured.

Both talk well now and walking is a great activity for them. Josh has started shaking his head no (not as vigourous as his brother lol) and finds it amusing when he does LOL They still push the yard around to get where they want which is ok, gives them exercises. They only do it if I am sitting on the sofa or something (they wanna get to me I guess). Josh pushes it like a champion! Jamie is learning to do it now. So cute!

Ok, lunch with Sue today. Today, banyak gallivanting. Went to pick Sue up, waited for a while for her laundry to be done, then went to Citibank to drop off some documents, fed the boys while waiting for her, then KLCC for lunch (she belanja for taxi fare!). Went to Singapore High-Comm with her, waited and then dropped her off on the way to JH's office. The boys dozed in the car on the way home, we played a lot, fed, watered and tons of walking was done on the landing. No protests at bathtime, they are back to their normal love ot the water and playing in it. No protests when we left the room after placing them in bed. and it's quiet, but for the sounds of Norah Jones. Aah... I am hoping this means they are going back to their normal selves. Whew! See how tomorrow goes (cleaners coming tomorrow) and if they have a shorter afternoon nap, seems to work better.. Josh seems to work better, "grazing" rather than full-on meals (which is what he did today), not sure if it's practical but will give it a try, of course he'd never refuse a drink LOL (dangerous precedent? lol). He found a friend in the restaurant, a boy of abt 2-3yrs old, where they'd shake heads and giggle at each other, with the occasional manly grunt. Ahh, male bonding! Jamie of course went straight to charming the older ladies that were around us LOL. So it was a nice time had by all methinks. and a peaceful night perhaps? back to the script, hope to finish main bulk by CSI:Miami time hopefully. Early night for us!

later days, y'all!