Sunday, September 14, 2003

ok, the drug thing worked for josh last night. so he slept pretty well. Not too bad today, they dont seem to want to nap in afternoon so much (depending on the morning nap they've had) but trying to hv some "quiet" time as well, so they rest even tho they may not sleep. can see more of Josh's teeth now. Jamie took another step today (when we were upstairs on the landing) but Papa came out a bit late for it. but i am sure he will do it again. josh will walk from one object to another (usu. me or don) just a two or three steps but he likes holding onto my fingers and walking along wt me, he's getting heaps better at it too. today wasnt too bad a day. The boys were generally ok. moved jamie's cot inside my bedroom while I used don's laptop and they played. then we had a long crawling/walking/stumbling session on the landing and they had their dins and bath, and fell asleep. Josh did wake up once so we checked his nappy, read him a book or two and put some bonjela on. Went back w.o a fuss and is still asleep. some idiot is having a party wt loud music, there was even fireworks but its at the front of the house so less likely boys can hear it. Thank goodness. it's great to hear them chatter away and point to things and look at u to say "ok... what;s the word:?" Jamie can recognise cars on TV or on a poster and point to it and say "car". Josh is now saying car and door. I just realised I hvnt writtein their diary for a while so I shld update that at least until they r one year old. then, they gotta read this LOL. I try to c&p this to a document to preserve. the Screen savers havent shown any segment on archiving your blogs yet.

Jenn made it to the semi-finals for the WCG (world cyber games) woohooooooooo. as in the Malaysian prepartions for the WCG. WTG, girl!!!! I hope she continues to do real well. Will prob see her on Tues, the boys are pretty much recovered from their running noses and they r sleeping way better. Josh tries to dive into the water and splash around when its bath time, glad he warmed up to swimming :D

Dons finished the phobias project (YAY!) and is now scanning it to finish up the lettering so he can send it to dave. After that, its back to more studying as well. poor man, never ending leh.

joined the msianursingmom group (it's been featured prominently lately) and some very interesting ppl there. someone has twin girls there! yay!!! twins!!! looked up the ibufamily site again but their membership (although some good benefits etc) is a bit too expensive. RM100. still, maybe one day. I also started my own group for SAHP. (as u can say from an earlier entry). So I am enjoying making friends wt these ladies, from all over malaysia and very open chatting too. I must make some ammendments to our site to "promote" them too.

I ;ve been bad at editing my own manuscript, been so braindead (due to lack of sleep etc) so hvnt found inspiration again but it will come back (once those boys return to normal sleeping patterns lol). I've studied the platinum studios submission release form (they sent us a kit) but they need an SASE and our local Postal service doesnt use international reply coupons anymore. urghh.. so dont know what to do reg: those. there must be a way. I cld email the executive editor and ask him what alternative is there. But i'd really like to try out for that. Don too. no harm in trying :D

ok I need to tidur lor. sleepy now. I also very thirsty, aiyoo...

later days, yall!