Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Last entry for "this" year! hehehehee It's New Year's Eve today. Jonathon's bday was on the 29th, hope he got my ecard! Tues am went to the marketwith Mrs Hong. Lots of fruits etc, esp now I hv the juicer!!!! yay!!! Also got a good piece of pork (on the bone as it were) cos Im attempting to do a roast pork for NYE dinner (Gasp!). Will do mashed taters and buttery carrots for the side dish :D CW wld be proud hehehehehehee.... on Monday, also went to KLCC with Daddy (had lunch wt Drew and Suet, bumped into Ceri), shopped around for shoes while Daddy went to Kino for his Gotham comics. Found some great pairs in Bata (Bubblegummers) and Ah Ma's angpow xmas gift went towards that. Drew babysat on monday night while Don and I went to hv dins at Eurodeli (yummm) in Tesco's and browsed around. Picked up some CNY baju for boys (courtesy of Auntie Loui's Xmas angpows hehe) and some educational toys etc with the rest of Ah Ma's xmas angpows. The boys LOVE it! two "travel" sized Magna Doodles (for when we are out) and an Elmo music wand (don chose this LOL).

The boys are talking so much, Jamie esp. He has many clear words now and loves tellin gyou All abt them. he also likes to sit next to me on the floor (if Im at the PC) and "reads" to me.. so cute heheheee... he can say "tree" (or tee), fish, watch, among others and if he wants to see something, he says "See! See!" He's finally calling me "Mimiee", rather than "dada". He loves calling all of us "dada, Mimiee and Shua" :D Josh is getting better with pronouncing words and vocalising now. He tends to get "talked for" by his brother so we try and encourage him to chatter more.

We had to go to the bank yday (so much for online applications!) so we had to bring the boys. They were very well behaved and I think entertained everyone there haha. They sat quietly (or semi-quietly lol they chattered to everyone). Josh held on to Daddys hand and walked everywhere. Jamie stayed wt Mummy and chattered away nonstop, even excitedly proclaiming loudly DADA! SHua! when he saw them walking towards us. LOL anyway they were very good, even while waiting for so long and all the signing etc. The staff were helpful and Pn. Hafiz (I think that was her name) even asked me if I was a national swimmer bfr cos she thought she recognised me and her staff didnt believe her. hehehee She was so excited when I told her yes, I was. LOL funnylah.. usu. nobody even know me or think I cant swim haha but they love the lil ones and gushed away! Josh spent the time waving and saying hello to ppl as he toddled along holding his Daddy's hand, Jamie spent the time cuddling up to Mummy and chattering away, pointing out all the things in the bank LOL They had their milk when home and off to their nap! Jamie is a lil off his food etc and woke up a couple more times at night but his upper molars are making an appearence now so that explains that..

Today? Well today, daddy went to hv a haircut and picked up a new hose for the back and he found some Hi5 VCDs too! woohoooo The boys had a GOOOOOOD sleep this morning and I had time to prepare the roast pork (which was marinating since last night), toss it into the slow cooker (Following the recipe book). and put the rice for the chicken and broccoli Im aiming to cook for today's lunch. CW will be VERY proud hahaha.. Hopefully the roast pork turns out well (will brown it in oven later on) and nice, juicy (and cooked lol). Quiet night for us tonight methinks.