Friday, July 25, 2003

Man, that teething thing is tiring for all concerned. Poor babies. JD stayed up quite late last night and today also he has woken up, stayed up for a while. Jamie is coughing as well. We changed their nappies, put teething gel on, cuddled them a while, cleared Jamie's nonstrils, put kid's Vicks, 'Calpol'-ed them and then off to bed. A bit of complaining from them when laid down but silence soon reigned. JD said 'duck"! (or 'uck' lol) This was during bath time and he was playing with the bath toy. I have now spotted the 4th tooth (upper, middle, our right) breaking through. That explains a bit. He's also a bit snuffley. Jamie is coughing still although his cold is drying up. Hope it settles soon.

We had lunch at this nice Italian restaurant in SS2 today which do good and reasonably priced set lunches. Uncle Veles bought lunch! so nice! the boys were good, although JD a bit restless and cranky after he had his lunch. The food was good, the service wasnt bad, the only thing that parking in SS2 is a nightmare. They love walking through the streets (or "stroller-ing") and jamie kept yelling 'car! car!" and flailing his arms about in excitement. They fell asleep on the way back and I drove around for a while before heading home. They played happily for a while and once fed (cinnamon raisin bread!) and watered, they played a bit more and then off to bed. They did go to sleep ok initially but then woke up again to said drama as mentioned above.

Don has to work tomorrow and he was back later today than he had hoped. The poor thing. :( He may have to work the whole w/end. so I wld hv to get stuff done on my own, which is ok, we gotta eat! :D

I worked somemore on my site, mostly on the novel section. Trying to see if I should post all the chapters, it is the first draft after all, might do it in stages, depending on the response in PJ. Oh well, I should be more paranoid reg: the naughty plagarists (or whatever you call them). I wld like to think there are more ethical ppl out there (and this is also assuming anyone wants to publish my stuff LOL) but there arent always so I shld protect myself where possible. I hv already got the work "copyrighted" (thank you Ching Wei & Partners!) And also thanks Darlene! I know you are looking out for me, girl!

Watched another episode of Amazing Race. they were in Sabah (Malaysia) this time, was quite fun watching them. I am hoping that the two clowns win, I like them, they are funny and very matter-of-fact. it is such a shame that the whiny woman won last time (Zach won it for her, the ungrateful cow). Wonder who will win this season. I keep missing the BBC's Great Britons series. This Sat it is on Elizabeth 1, my fav! I missed the Shakespeare one, bummer :(

I did work also a lil bit on Dave's script, having a bit of writer's block for that. I will work through it somehow. I do have some ideas for it that might work. Loston said some nice and encouraging things about Don today, YAY! Don really respects his POV and admires him greatly too so its a real booster for my man. :)

*YAWN* aiyooo sleepy, so many disrupted sleeps. I should go to bed now really. Don is sketching more on his Conan project and I've done well today with the site, my c&cs on thewritersdesk and a bit further on the Wolfman script. Jolly good, girl! (tries to pat herself on the back and almost elbows herself in the face).

So another hectic w.end? who knows with don working. Gotta do those pix to print so can enter Johnsons Baby Contest otherwise we get more drama from certain quarters. I hope no more contests for some time! Enough already.

Sleep well folks or have a good day or whatever. :D

later days!