Monday, January 05, 2004

Forgot to mention this: Jamie now whispers like you when we are gng to bed at night and josh is already in bed. We say night-night in a whisper and he also whispers in his baby talk. Sooooooooooo cutelah... The other night, don was trying to settle them both, josh also tried whispering like daddy and jamie were and then he just burst out laughing! He musta thought what was wt Ko-ko and daddy and this whispering thing. He does tend to imitate his bro, esp in the naughtiness area. He's been VERY cranky of late :( clingy, growling, biting when he's frustrated :( he does try to tell you when his nappy is full (he points or tugs at nappy, Jamie is now doing same thing). He also is learning to take off his clothes or bend his knees when standing up to put his leg into pants. Awww.. they grow so quickly, amazing seeing them now....

ok.. later days!

It's been a few days. Don went to Low Yat with Drew on Fri (in the am). Went to the ob/gyn on Fri pm. Got a smear and a general checkup down, all clear. They've certainly expanded over there, even have their own website too! Funky! We took the boys wt us and they were an instant hit and cooed over by nurses etc. They were good boys thru out, despite the long wait. They grumbled when they had to sit down and not walk. Jamie is prone to throwing a big tantrum if he doesnt get his own way I can tell you! Josh tends to just make grumbly sounds, he sounds like a disgruntled bear hehe Just like his daddy I tell you! Took them for a short walk in the park, the boys are trying to kick balls now and they wanted to join the big boys to play footie! had to keep redirecting them away. but they even toddled up the slopes and uneven ground. Josh even did a "marching" thing testing the ground and giggling. They did get a few mozzie bites, normal lor. Cant help it too much in this country I guess.

Sat was a bad day for don and his sneezing :( So we chilled out wt the kids and then I went to badminton in the afternoon. Keong came around to visit in the evening, as did Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin. Very grumpy by then those two. Had to re-settle them after putting them to bed. Chatted to Keong for only a short while bfr they left for dins. Josh is always like that on Sat nights of late :( not sure if its cos Im out for badders for a few hours., he's even more clingy after I get home.

On Sun, Don did the DIY stuff he'd been meaning to do so we hv a doorbell now! and put up hooks for the hose in front (changed the hose etc) and also put up one of the bikes, that was a tough one. Went to visit Julian/Chairmain and their lovely new twin babyes, Enzo and Eva.(not forgetting their active eldest son Emile). Their home is so lovely and the boys had a lot of fun playing, esp. with those big cars (the ones u can sit in) and they were good boys for most of the visit. Chairmain and I traded "war stories" and chatted for a while. Eva woke up and was fed and Chairmain's brother and girlfriend dropped by. It was a nice visit although the boys threw a ruckus when we picked them up (they really wanted to play with all those toys). Jamie did his bawling fit in the car on the way home but we just ignored him and I patted him on the leg as I talked to his daddy (who drove) and then all back to normal. Fed, watered, bathed and put to bed. No complaints that day. Karen babysat as we went to watch Return of the King again over in 1U. Was fab! (of course hehe)

Today don is back at work :( It's so weird him being back at work leh, hv enjoyed having him around over last two weeks (it's gone by so fast!). Anyway, we are off to Penang this coming w.end, now that wld be an interesting experience!!!! hehehehehe

later days y'all