Tuesday, September 09, 2003

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The drilling yday gave me such a headache so I went to bed early. Jamie's woken up once last night, around 3am but went back to sleep not too long after. I was already up cos of the rain, had to save the sheets! LOL I made soup yday using the slow cooker. YUM! it turned out great. So next project is to try a stew, gosh, never made stew bfr... Looked up a few recipes, will ask CW his advice of course (he da man lol). Ceri has left for Italy yday. The boys are doing well, Jamie and Josh both are standing on their own more often (usu. when they r not paying attention lol) and they both talk a lot. Josh is pointing at things now and saying "tat dat?" (or what's that). Jamie can say a lot of words clearly, 'towel' and 'flower' are his fav two for now. Oh yeah and 'car'. The boys were sleeping well but Chewie just barked at something so a bit of grumbling. They might go back to sleep. Mum is suggesting we look at cot/bed furniture. She also suggested looking at setting up a playgroup or something online for Malaysian parents of multiples etc, cos might be worth meeting like-minded folks. That and she thinks I cld use my time online more 'constructively'. A blog is an online diary, whatever style you'd like. Family and friends read it, and that's cool. oh well. It's hard to tell everyone what I do online, other than do research, search and advertise for work, do the exercises on thewritersdesk (honing your craft as they say!), interact with friends or the support groups I do. It's a lot really. I do live the Net culture to a certain degree and it's hard to explain it to folks who dont understand it.

The boys are playing in their cot for now. I am going to warm up their lunch in a moment. more later. Jamie is still prone to tantrums, he'd be screaming while giving u an impish grin. Either going for ignoring him or shushing him (which amuses him). I hope we can slowly put a stop to such tantrums. Papa came home in time for bathtime today. Our story round is going well, working on some other ideas for exercises. Vendetta will be putting forward his "pitch" exercises which is good for those who want to submit to publishers etc. my book arrived today, the complete book of scriptwriting. Supposed to be an awesome book so I shall enjoy plugging thru it. Need more practice anyway. It will improve my story telling abilities, whether I write prose or script so that's a good deal. Saw Jenn online, chatted with her for a while. Looking fwd to the next playdate next Tues!!! more swimming!!!!!!

ok, time to get back to editing etc.

later days, y'all

later days, y'all!