Thursday, October 30, 2003

Tues to Thurs entries :) Gosh, what has happened? Hmm.. Joshs bruise is fading fast, they r both walking well. Went back to office for a "trial run", went quite well until JAmie did his tantrum run, Josh was quite ok. Jamie is teething again, *I THINK*. Went to Tesco's on Monday night with CW, MarketDay today plus cleaners, waaaahh, I busy! LOL Did some website stuff for CW, and getting settled back into office, see how it goes, aiming for once a week really if all goes well. See how lor. Went for haircut on Wed with CW (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WED FOR CW!!!!) and the boys also joined us eheh, they got a #2! Josh really looks like a thug now, wt bruise, crewcut and his 'mean' face hehee (when he wrinkles up his nose and grunts at u lol) They are both toddling well now, although Jamie is gng thru a real cranky stage. Went to see Jo as well on Wed and they met baby Ryan, they were gentle and approached him carefully and Jamie pointed and said "baby" and then tried to feed him a cracker! so cute!! The boys had their dinner there and had the grandmothers gushing and cooing over them. Jamie also went for his final checkup wt the paed. surgeon and all clear! he also gave Josh a once-over and all clear too! Weighed them, Jamie still same and Josh was 10.5kg (he was 10.4 two weeks ago). Jamie's height was 80cm and Josh's was an inch shorter (hubby read it out to me but I cant remember exact measurement!). Went to dinner with CW on Wed night and it was a nice relaxing time, got to meet Rupert, CW's new puppy (he very cute! The puppy, not CW lol) Don's exam is this Fri (GOOD LUCK) and another three more after that (shld be every two weeks or so). Halloween is tomorrow and our lil gathering is on Sat, must take lots of pix! Josh will say "ya" if he does want something (after u pose a question to him, mostly abt his drink or food lol) and shake his head if he doesnt want it. THey look sooooooooo cute with their new haircuts. Will post pix over the w.end after Halloween party!

that's a quick summary this time!

later days y'all!