Friday, October 31, 2003

Quick entry cos the storm is starting again. Don passed his 2nd exam! YAY! Only 3 more to go! (Bet he cant wait either poor dear). Had lunch in IKEA, boys had swedish meat balls! yummmm... They attracted more attention with their new haircuts, bumped into Lokes' parents and Jen's Mum and lil Raeven too, she's grown a lot, very steady walker. We got a few items for the house, mostly picture frames, another kitchen rail etc. Don had to work so I pottered around the house, doing chores while we put boys down for a nap. They hada run-around downstairs and upstairs and off to bed the sleepy heads they didnt really nap in the afternoon so they were tired by the end of the evening. Been storming on and off all afternoon.


later days, y'all.