Thursday, September 11, 2003

Well, major teething again and runny noses. Always happens when a new tooth breaks thru, geez. Jamie wont let me look at his mouth. He's gotten rather clingy and tempermental of late. Josh was up a lot last night, blocked nose I guess. Karen came around last night wt her mum. So she got to see Josh. They are eating ok, drinking more tho, even Jamie. He cant stop talking and Josh is quite chatty now too. He's still doing the " pull brother's hair, smooth it back when mum scolds me and giving u a cheeky grin" routine. Today is Sept 11th, lots of memorials etc. Interesting article in today's Star abt it. It was such a waste, all those deaths, and we must remember it was people from all over the world, not just Americans who died that day. Let us hope the world does not deginerate (sp?) further. Indonesia sentenced the bali bomber fella (or one of them) to death it seems. It's hard to understand these ppl. They preach religion and yet seem to contravene its tenets. Very sad. Life is far too precious for that kinda of crap. But to each their own I guess. Each doctrine, whether political or religious or anything, has its fanatics and extremists always think they are doing the "right" thing, never mind they hurt those of their own faith/beliefs.

Nothing else to add, just been plodding abt doing stuff at home, editing my manuscript, reading the Scriptwriting book and looking after the kids. So many ppl going away, Sue and JH in Sg tomorrow. Sree has been busy, Karen has been spending time wt her mum, Drew away, Suet taking advantage of babysitting Drew's PS2, Drew's brother being a silly billy and possibly misplacing his passport and making a mess of arrangements too, on top of that losing the camera.. aiiyyyooooo... blur nya!

Both of the boys are standing a LOT on their own now, so cute. Josh is trying to take steps and uses the walker that the grandparents gave whenever he;s on the landing. He;s trying to reach for the door knobs now and also when I drop the bars on his cot, he inspects the latch quite closely, as if he';s thinking 'hmmmm how does this work, can I make my escape?" He is more daring in that sense than his brother, although I do think Jamie will make up for it in other mischeivious (sp?) ways.

A good documentary on the Discovery Channel at 10pm. Got an early start tomorrow, gng to the market, *yawn* LOL Dons almost finished the phobias script pencils and is now working on the inks, inbetween working and studying. Poor man! And he has to do the drilling later on, he wont let me do it though. Played a bit of Time Crisis 2 tonight, that was good stress relief. Hehe. I shall enjoy having the laser gun to babysit while drew is away. Must call his mum to see if she is ok etc tomorrow.

That's all for now, time to get back to the editing. hope all are well.

later days, y'all