Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Rather an off day today. Kids wouldnt nap, the weather was CRAP, harrassed on the phone by idiots (not friends mind u lol), so I was rather grumpy. But it got better I guess. Don managed to pop home earlier than he expected and he played with his sons, bathed and put them to bed along with Mama (as in I helped, not I went to bed hehe). Chatted with Loston today and he sent me some great sites for comic book writers etc. Spent some time on that. Still struggling with the Wolfman script, I will get around it soon, I need to get it out of the way. I think I will be heading to bed very early today, too many late nights and early mornings. It's taking a toll on me which affects my day really. So this blog will be rather short today. Both JD and JAmie now point to the fan and try and say fan, they r so cute! we feel really blessed to have such happy-go-lucky, healthy lads.

later days!