Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Sat 09/08/03- The boys birthday party went well, the food (catered by Ching Wei, inclusive of cake) was fab! we had nasi kunyit, chicken curry, Pai Tee with the accompanying veg, Bee Hoon and a gorgeous cake with peaches and cream in the shape of a big '1'. Many a picture was taken of course and the boys were a bit overwhelmed by the number of people. Mind you, Jamie did love the attention LOL Josh was a bit off and only wanted a couple of people to carry him, "Ah Khong" (Grandpa) of course hehe. There were lovely presents, some toys from Godma, photo albums from Aunty Tina and Uncle Michael, books from Mama, Papa, Gramma and Ah Khong, Ah Ma, Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin (and angpows), vouchers, bed rails from Jo, Jackie, ZY, Jason, Aunty Choo, LH, Li Yong and Li Yeng and also from the HP geng, Veles, Ren, Drew, Suet (yes like the Pudding), Kuan Dai, Alex and Lyn (his wife). I think I covered everyone LOL The boys also loved playing with their big present from Gramma and Ah Khong, a move-along walker, Josh's fav! Raeven and her parents were also present and she had the yard to herself (instantly taking her fav movable toy to play with LOL) as the boys were the centre of attention. Some of the geng stayed until later in the evening as we indulged in PS2 games, ooooh time crisis is way fun! very stress-relieving! The boys will be sending email soon to thank everyone. Mama went out with the geng for a drink in nearby Bandar Menjalara while Papa was fixing up his home office/art room. I cant believe they are toddlers now, where does the time go?! Anyway, it was a busy yet lovely day and we think everyone had a fun time! hopefully we can get the pix up soon.

Sun 10/08/03- We had lunch with Godma (Aunty Gaik Hong), Aunty Tina, Gramma and Ah Khong at Penang Village (in Desa SH) before Aunty GH went back to Melaka. The boys were good and ate up their lunch and we had some pix taken with their godma. Josh has been a lil off this w.end, too much going on I guess and I believe more teeth are coming hence his grumpiness. There are other twins out and about that I noticed, one set of older twin girls also in the restaurant (about 3-5 years old methinks) and a set of baby boys (methinks) in a shop nearby. We are surrounded! After lunch, we said our goodbyes to Godma and Aunty Tina and the boys followed Papa home while Mama went with the grandparents to do some things at MK. Once that had been completed, we headed back to BSD and the boys had a very brief nap only while Papa was in his home office/art room (he's almost done!). Brought the boys downstairs and they had some milk and Gramma got in with them in their yard. Mama was pottering around in the kitchen a lil while later and Ah Khong was helping Papa upstairs fixing the gate at the top of the stairs. A lil while later, Gramma called out to us, Josh had taken a lil step forward unassisted! She was so excited! Josh knew he had done something good but not quite sure what LOL He took another mini-step when Ah Khong, Papa and Mama were watching (Gramma was holding a toy out to him and he came towards it). So exciting! we will capture it on video soon I hope! We ate pizza at home after which Gramma and Ah Khong had to leave. The boys enjoyed some crawling time upstairs (they do this every evening bfr bathtime) and for quiet time, we also do some reading, Jamie does love books, Josh is getting more into it, at the moment, he either eats it or tries to figure out what's behind it, what makes it work. Jamie is very talkative and his enunciation is clear, very clear for someone of his age.

Mon 11/08/03- Jamie suffering from attention withdrawal and wanted Mama to carry him etc but once I left the room, he just stopped complaining and played. They both were quite tired from the long w.end and took longer naps this time. Uncle Keong and his fiancee Aunty Rosalind came by and dropped off presents for their bday and also played with them for a short while. They were heading to Johor Baru, her hometown and stopped by on the way. Gramma and Ah Khong left for Penang today and will be back again in a couple of weeks when Sai Ku comes to visit. Mama made chicken curry etc for dinner and Uncle Veles babysat while Mama and Papa went out for a quiet drink together for "couple time". We went to this local Mamak shop nearby (24 hours, man! don't play-play!) and we came back an hour or so later and watched some TV with Uncle Veles before he left. It was a nice evening and more relaxed.

Today- the boys were in a good mood and we read to them a lil bit this morning before breakfast and they both played happily in the yard, Josh standing unassisted whenever he can and playing with the walker. They are down for their nap, or I should say they were down for their nap cos I can hear giggles and squeals upstairs. Time for a lil drink and then play-time in the yard before lunch. More on the day later!

later days y'all