Thursday, April 14, 2005

Boys arent sleeping well, cos congested, poor dearies :( Still hvng those tightenings, a bit more painful now and Im walking like a frankenstein monster, all jerky etc cos its too painful to walk normally.. apalah...

we managed to get josh back to sleep.. but mr. light sleeper, fidgetpants Jamie sleeps, wakes up, sleeps wakes up.. urgh... and this is prob when I WILL go into labour ROFL Drama in me family hor... LOL

Im propped up like a funny bunny and ...just waiting....dunno how much sleep I can uncomfy! I suspect don has dozed off in there...LOL I can feel (and see) this bump, which feels all "spiney", so funny, and yet uncomfy.. apalah this kid!

abt 40mins, 35-40secs, a bit more painful now...

keeping y'all posted..


gosh, 20-30sec tightening, on just over an hour each time. but Ive got awful heartburn now, must be the day Im having haha.. Its not PAINFUL as it was last time.. but I hv to stop what Im doing for a lil while at first.. Major pelvic soreness.. Even swinging leg up onto a bed hurts like hell, like smthing blocking.. he's definitely lower down in the belly now..

Been trying to rest but the heartburn makes it so difficult :( so just sitting semi-reclined with heaps of pillows, feet supported on me bed, using a tray (u know those breakfast trays that have legs so u can hv breakfast in bed so to speak) where my laptop is on (hubby bought that for me hehehehe) so he says I can blog away, even if Im starting labour HAHAHAA..

We shall see.... Gng to chat with other mums on babycenter for a bit...

later days

What a day.... Im just recreating some of what I posted in my group, too lazy to type again.. Will keep u posted if anything else happens... don is on his way home now thankfully.. so tired.. Baby definitely feels lower down and heavy.. we shall see....

about blardy time.. Onwards to posting for the lil ones, mebbe..

later days CF


am majorly POed at the moment. Took boys upstairs for quiet time/nap,
whichever. Started off ok, they read a bit and wanted to lie down. so
all ok, then I was dozing off and then josh kicked me real hard in the
kidneys and then STOMPED on my back and sides, I tell u, I was
screaming in pain... He refused to say sorry, so he got a big smack
and time out in a corner. So he was bawling away.. Jamie shouting at
him to say sorry (aiyoo what a household), and he refusing.. and in
the end I also started baawling.. so that scared them and semua also

anyway, afer all the sayang, he did it AGAIN.. he said "Like school
mummy" Im like if I ever find tha tkid who does THAT..He really hurt
me and so Ive had to walk away for a while, or limp away. my back is
now in major agony and I think baby kieran (who also got kicked)is
headbutting me.. URGHHHH

what a hormonal and stupidly messy day.. sigh..

I BIBO a lot now.. sigh... normally I dont hv this prob wt these guys
but he;s been biting and pushing and clingy bawling today..
urgh...where did I go wrong..


I had to step away for
a while and BIBO n then i sat wt them and watched Hi5 for a while and
I got my sayang, kiss and josh said sorry mummy... so thats ok... I
told him that mummy doesnt like being angry or shouting or smacking
you two..and u really hurt mummy... I did feel bad after all that
yelling etc :( I guess Im human despite feeling like an unexploded
elephant (heheheheee) and I want them to realise that sometimes u do
lose ur cool but its not good to hurt ppl like that.. accidents do
happen yes but not on purpose...

Generally I dont really hv so much trouble from josh, its jamie that
has the personlity macam lawyer LOL but on the whole, I cant complain
too much they are mostly good boys but last two days, josh has been
major tough to deal wt. Esp today. Dunno why.. sigh... mebbe he knows
something I dont...haha

The boys went to sleep like a dream just now with lots of kisses for
mummy so ok lor.. I had a lovely, lovely shower and am just chilling
out now...Ihve had some uterine tightening each hour and 15mins now,
for abt 20-25 counts. I dunno if its just the day Ive been having..
who knows anymore hahahahhaaa... entering my 40th week over this
w.end.. mutter mutter LOL


.......what can I say....I had a bit of a rough nite, but hey LOL Josh
woke up wt a n igtmare arnd 1am, don sorted him out. Then jamie also
woke up.. this morning they couldnt stop fighting, josh was so grumpy,
kicking and biting. Then he wouldnt let me go to do ANYTHING.. even to
go bathroom etc... my pelvis is as sore as anything, URGHHHHH Ive got
a pile of washing up in the sinks that Im totally ignoring cos I just
cant face it at the moment... At least I dont hv laundry to face. hehe
Ive got some furniture delivery.. josh at least has calmed down a bit
now and they both ate breakfast, later than normal but it was just
crazy bfr.. Is it full moon? LOL Don wonders if josh knows something
ie mummys gng to get more distracted soon....


POed mood.. sore like helll.. kids are a pain.. enough said for now...

outta here

Later days