Saturday, July 26, 2003

Saturday. Badminton day. We had a brief session today, Karen, Kuan Dai, Suet Ling, Veles and my boys were there. Poor Don had to work which is a shame. Generally nothing much happened in the morning, did some reading with the boys and then after their breakfast, don left for work. After lunch, Karen came over and we went together to badminton. We played on our own (the boys munched on a biscuit) until the others arrived. After the girls gushed for a short while, we carried on playing. When Karen took her break, she gave the boys their afternoon milk. After badders, we headed to Kepong for coconut water and some makan and then Karen and I headed home. The boys fell asleep in the car and then we drove around a while they slept. Saw the Semi-Ds that had opened up in our area, some folks had already moved in but man, it looks expensive. but its a nice design actually. More houses are coming up around the area and some reno being done, some mad fella is making a three storey house and combining two houses. Mad leh! one day I guess we can afford a bigger house LOL

Don got to play with the kids a while (as did karen) bfr getting them ready for bath time. We let jamie crawl around the floor in the nuddy, was quite a sight LOL. Bfr Josh went into the bath, he decided to wee on his pop and then do a no:2 in the bath, oh no! I managed to get him to the loo pretty much in time so he got to sit on the loo but he wasnt happy about that and cried. I guess he was kinda perched a bit precariously even if I was holding him. Anyway, minimal incident afterwards and they are in bed. I hope they stay down this time. Might have some visitors later who knows. Tomorrow, might hv to run to 1utama and then we be back home, Don may be off to work and I get to clearing. oh well, I hope not.

Ok, short entry for today. Going to get stuck into that Wolfman script to see if I can finish it up soon. I posted my first draft up on our site today and chp 2 on PJ. Let's see what happens!

ok folks, I think that be it unless I find something else to add later in the day.

later days!