Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ok.. kids are in bed. Less of Jamie's tantrum till u stay in the room with him and he can fall asleep business. he tends to only do it if he knows daddy is arnd I guess. I was on my own just now and he wah-wah a bit and then shuddup. I guess he knows daddy aint home. So far silence. Don is being quiet upstairs so fingers crossed that jamie will conk out. he is tired enough, active lil monkeys that they r :)

They are playing more together now, it's great :) They'd either chase each other arnd the room, then touch an item of furniture and giggle like crazy. Or they'd hide behind something and peek out at each other and giggle uncontrolably. so funny! of course they talk to each other and very often they seem to understand each other, it's amazing!

They are definitely gaining their independence, wanting to feed themselves, climb up the stairs (They can now hold your hand and "climb" up the steps too), Josh can climb down things (fearless fella that one) as well, Jamie has been shown the principle several times but still prefers to be "rescued" at the moment lol

they have their lil "Tricks", like Josh can "wash hair" (takes his hands and musses up his or your hair), they can shake hands or hi5 you, blow kisses..wave bye-bye (and say it too). They are more able to "tell" you what you want, like dar for drink, jamie can say nish (for finish), or bo (bo liau) and do the hand action too. When they want their nappy changed, they tap at their nappy or stand at bottom of the stairs, point to their nappy and shake the gate. or if they r tired, they'd stand at the stairs too. Jamie is very vocal and is now stringing two words together and trying to make sentences (mostly in babytalk). they can say "men" (man), baby, nana, Jamie can say "aining" (or raining), "ooking" (cooking). Jamie still whispers when he goes into a darkeneed room ehehhee...

They are a never ending source of delight I can tell you! Went to Tesco's last night, mum and dad are back in town! :D we are gng up to penang this w.end since it's a long, long w.end (monday and tues ph!!). WE shld leave on Sat am, early. Drew will be housesitting :) Looking fwd to seeing them again as they havent seen the boys for AGES.

Sad news tho, CW's grandpa passed away today (or last night, cant remember). So he's been rushing arnd today, he's back home, will b in touch wt him after we get in, will find out more details reg: funeral anyways. hope to pay respects to the family at some point. our thoughts go out to them!

ok folks, philip is in town and he's on his way over. Today is the season ender for ALIAS so karen and drew shld be on their way too!

later days y'all!

Ok.. to continue.. :) 2nd day, drew dropped by, relatively quiet lor. On sat, we went to visit him and his mum cooked some lovely spaghetti, cakes cookies, sausages, her FAB bbq sauce yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... the boys had a fab time there, all dressed in their baju of course! we stayed there a while. Sree and Rea dropped by our place and we went together to Drew's. Chee Yeng also dropped by for a wee while. More fireworks and disrupted sleep, *sigh*. On sunday, I joined CW at the office, rolling oranges, yee sang-ing with Jo et al and then don picked me up wt the boys and we went to have lunch with Aunty GH and Aunty Tina. We went to finnegan's. I had my last lunch of pate for ages to come (esp. if we ttc) and a nice half cider :D The boys had mash and baked beans wt a bit of sausage they loved it! yummmmmmmmmmmmm... took some pix and chitchatted, the boys were dressed in their gear of course hehehe after lunch, we stopped by Chee yeng's for a short while. Then went to the Hongs when we got back. Gosh, such a social round! The boys did sleep fairly well, jamie woke up only once and we managed to get him back to sleep.

they've grown so much over the last few weeks, Many words now and Jamie continues to babble on, so does Josh.. Will write more again later.. boys want attention now.. parents are back in town.. and so is philip :) seeing him later tonight!

ok... more on all this later, one day I will catch up HAHA we are off to penang this w.end it's a long w.end!

later days y'all