Thursday, July 24, 2003

boys are in bed and so far no crying from anyone! so am hoping that jamie's disruptive night was only cos his tooth popped thru. So here's hoping! The boys were in a good mood in the evening thankfully. Don was able to come home a bit earlier than usual today so he got to play with his boys. He saw the crawl-around upstairs and the giggling away. It's nice cos he doesnt get to spend as much time with them as he'd like so he loves the playtime with his boys.

Just started watching 24. Interesting concept. will see how it goes, hasnt grabbed my interest as much as the others as yet but as don says it's gotta stretch over 24weeks really. We shall see.

Nothing much more to add today, am really tired and prob head to bed early. so far no crying kids! yay!

later days, folks!

ack I wrote a post and it's gone!!!! botheration! Hmm.. what did I say?

My whine reg: JARING today: There seems to be a problem with their DNS servers. We can access our servers in the States using IP address, but not using the domain name. Other friends on other local ISPs and friends overseas can access the site using the domain name. Our email addresses have also been affected. This appears to be an erractic problem which is now turning into an almost regular occasion. It is inconvenient, not to mention frustrating, when it happens. Why is this happening and what is JARING doing to ensure that it doesnt happen again? Who knows? Last time I complained to JARING reg: the amount of spam I was getting, they said oh just change your password. I was like huh? what has that got to do with me receiving spam???? Anyway I wrote em a complaint, let's see what they come back with. It was in the INtech too.

Jamie slept fitfully last night, in the end, we took him into our bed. He read with his papa for a while (That was so cute!)His 7th tooth is out, that explains a lot. Both are rather off their food today, hopefully since his tooth has broken through he will be back to normal soon. Cleaners were here today. After they finished the upstairs, let the boys crawl around on the ground (after their nap) and they loved it. They even chased each other across the floor, giggling away. JD is much faster but Jamie loves to follow him around anyway. He has this half-crawl, half-crouch stance thing that does get him across the floor quite fast, its so cute to walk.

Posted my novel (first chapter) onto PJ (thewritersdesk) for c&c (that means critiques and criticisms I think). Let's hope they arent toooo brutal LOL It seriously needs editing (yay for Jenn!) so I need other ppl's perspectives too. It's been copywritten so no worries there I hope.

I cant remember what else I scribbled about, oh well! Until tonight or whenever!

later days, folks!