Friday, August 08, 2003

Well then, what a week. Grandparents are in town, been clearing, re-arranging, shopping, cleaning, getting stuff ready for the boys 1st bday party and also for their own new independence and mobility. Don's got his "office/art room" upstairs (or he will once he gets to it, cos the poor dear's been working late) and we have a living room again! lol the boys have their own lil corner in front of my PC now, it's a lil warm although we've tried to work out a system with the standing fan. Later on, we will get a wall fan (if only we cld get them industrial wall fans, woohooo!) Veles has been a great help to us (and the grandparents for helping out with babysitting, suggestions etc). Veles and don put up the gazebo thing (or the circus tent haha) yday night and today's storm was a test of its "stay-ability" and it stayed firm! :)

NOTE: Mama and Papa had their 4th anniversary on 05/08, Gramma pointed out it wasnt mentioned in the blog and lo and behold, it wasnt! For some reason, I was sure I mentioned it, oh well. Gramma and Ah Khong babysat while Don and I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant in nearby SS2. The food is quite good, prices are reasonable and so a nice time was had by all. After dinner, we had ice cream at Swensons! (following Uncle Kenneth's tradition hehe). Thank you to Gramma and Ah Khong for babysitting!!!

The boys had their first hair cut on Monday, courtesy of the grandparents and they were so good, sat on the lil "bicycle" seat and let the man cut their hair. The guy cut their hair swiftly and very capably and they look sooooooo cute! Jamie's new tooth has cut thru now and JD looks very cheeky with his teeth more or less all the way thru. He stands often w/o holding on and is getting very chatty, usu. with his "Ah Khong" (Grandpa). Jamie says words very clearly now, 'duck", "fan", "light", "dog". They both love windchimes and are getting more interested in reading now, although Josh tends to want to inspect the book and figure out how it works, turns it upside down, shakes it, so funny! Jamie likes to point at the pictures and look at you while you say the word. We have some new "posters" around with the alphabet, nursery rhymes, a park scene (looks similar to our lil park out front) and transportation, oh not forgetting our own "Malaysia Boleh" spirit, a map of Malaysia with state flags and some landmarks!

That's a basic summary of this week, I need to catch up with their diary as well. LOL Bad momma! Tomorrow is their first bday and it's going to be hectic but hopefully all will go well and it wld be fun!

later days, y'all!