Saturday, April 02, 2005

Chee Yeng has joined the world of bloggers! :)

check out his new blog, the Journal of Dr. Wong, Malaysian Healer :) Links are at side or:

:) I like doing these things for ppl. But he's gng to maintain thereafter hahahaa..

just been discussing with sathiya as to how to induce labour, been looking it up too.. quite funny some of the things we've read haha..

coffee with butter, sex, long walks *uphill!*, coconut juice, castor oil (eww), raspberry leaf tea, things like that.. its quite amusing in many ways.. Don wont let me try anything HAHAHAA.. guess cos he's not got a bowling ball trying to come out! or sitting painnfully on his pelvic region, (sticks tongue out at hubby).. although admittedly he has said hes tried very hard to grow a belly to match mine hehehehehehhee Farneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lah my husband!

later days


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