Sunday, March 07, 2004

Been a hectic w.end of sorts. Today was the CPR/First class, a special half day class organised by one of our MMB mums. IT was quite good, got to "Beat up" the dummy hehehee.. always nice to see some of the "girls". It went past its time cos the instructor was a bit.. long winded/telling stories at times, I guess he's old school ;-) Left bfr course was over cos it was already 630pm! Last night went out for some "retail therapy". browsed arnd 1U (old wing) and finally got a potty for the boys :D got some other stuff too, mostly for children, I guess I;ve forgotten what it;s like to shop for just me! hehehehehe Bumped into SIL/Kevin, they'd bought a pageboy outfit for boys to try (bfr getting a 2nd)- gorgeous! :D So had a nice time, met this lady who is still breastfeeding her 16mth old and directed her to MMB of course, hope she does join up! It was a nice evening out. Boys continue to make a mess of the house lol They are chattering away and love looking at books too. We let Jamie sit on the toilet today (With the potty seat on it) and he kept gng, GO WEE! (and kept reaching for the loo paper), ran some water from tap, But he wasnt upset, even glanced thru a book. It's just to get up used to it, so it's quite fun! Josh is climbing everything in sight! We are trying to teach the boys to climb down the stairs (holding onto ur hand, taking step fowd and using wall to support to). They didnt like the backwards style anyway. Josh does it with great relish and tries to go up and downstairs (he calls out for u, "ow-nstair" and waits patiently till u return). Jamie isnt so comfy wt it yet but only a matter of time. At least they want for u to come take em down. They also both love brushing their teeth (after a fashion) themselves now, josh even wants to do it twice a day! "brush teefh" they cry out... or josh does "teef" and jamie "bush teef" soooo cute! We need to change the shower head in their bathroom cos it's quite pinpricky and it trickles out. Not sure if need to change whole thing! hope not, pressure itself is fine. Get the plumber in again I guess.. hv to adjust some taps and the flush too. got some more floor stickers to stop the "slippage" hehe.

amazing these guys.. F1 season started again, boring start, Schumy won again but whole race was boring LOL I went to tesco's this am, boys went thru the morning just fine and they r now napping well. Good, tomorrow is first day at playgroup (Twins) so shld be interesting...hopefully all well !

gotta get back to stuff..

later days y;all