Tuesday, March 02, 2004

All rite!!! it worked! :) Now to get back to blogging....forgot to mention in last post that Don has to undergo dental surgery cos of his wisdom tooth probs. "Super-Narish" (thus dubbed by Suet lol) is our dentist and is a 6th form classmate of don's. He's extracted one upper tooth and done scaling so it's done to the last one..he's so bz wt the Pirates (he's just got lettering down now) and then he's got the cartoon to settle up. After which, we have a site to build for someone, submissions to prepare for. Goodness me! LOL

Boys were major cranky yday but Jamie is gng to bed w/o no crying or fussing YAY!!!!!! Going to check out the IBU playgroup this arvo and see... They r up from their nap now and time to feed 'em! the Oscars were last night, wohooooooooooooooo about time LOTR got its dues from the industry, man. Clean sweep for the Hobbit Jackson and his cronies :) wtg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

more on this all later :)

later days y'all!

Ah, am hoping the blogbuddy works again.....