Monday, November 24, 2003

Bz last few days! Fri we had lunch with Uncle CW and Dad-da who passed his exam again YAY! We have got on the waiting list for streamyx now *YAY* which supposedly in a "couple of months" we can get hooked up, hope bfr CNY hehe We had a very helpful lady process our application etc so that was good. We ate at McD's and then went home to create havoc for a while before gng to nap, Dad-da had to go for a meeting in the late evening (blech). On Sat, we had playgroup! Again at BK, we got to slide, toddle around, steal fries (Bad momma!) and we had our lunch there. Mama got to chitchat with her MNMums and we got to mix around with others, there was one very cute "ba-bay" with stand-up hair just like Jamie's! It was funny seeing Mama carry other babies..we stared and stared! RAeven was there too and she enjoyed herself on the slide!

We slept well in the afternoon when Dad-da looked after us and Mama played badminton (ouch! hvnt played for three weeks!!!). Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin came by and they fed us and bathed us and our parents put us to sleep. England won the rugby world cup against Australia (WOW!) and that was quite exciting. Mama and Dad-da watched IRon chef on TV and had a reall good laugh at the theatrics of it.

Sun we slept early for our morning nap and then we met Godma, Aunty Tina and fellow godsister Xue Lin in BSC for lunch and it was fun chatting to them and then they cuddled us for pix and took us for a short toddle around restr. We had dessert at Strudels downstairs where we wanted all the apple from our parents own dessert hehe. We even got some lovely early Xmas presents from Godma! We bumped into William and his mummy Sze2 who were on the way to Linus's bday party. We stared wide-eyed when we got to Kidsports where the party was being held. There was all sorts of climbing gyms, pools with balls in them and so many kids! After a quick nappy change, we dashed around trying to play with everything and Jamie looooooved the pool with balls in it, he kept smacking the balls around! The boys made some new friends and loved the party games we had and some of the bday cake too!! yummmmmmmy... At abt 415pm, we were so tired we said our goodbyes and we left the party. William was already fast asleep after his nursing, that Sze2 also left and we met William's daddy too.

Slept in the car, despite the terrible storm we had to drive thru. We played around for ages, didnt really want much dinner, ate so much at party and at lunch. We had a lovely big bottle of milk and had bath and went to bed. Waht a lovely day! Mama and Dad-da were so tired as well LOL Mama went to bed early while Dad-da studied for a while.

It's Raya Eve today, tomorrow (if officially Raya 1st day) we go visiting :)

later days y'all!