Thursday, May 06, 2004

We had to get new battery for car blech.. just as I was gng out too! Just to the vet to pick up some stuff for mutt. the boys enjoyed the short drive and run arnd. They were good boys in the pm and played happily while mummy ironed shirts, prepared dinner, laundry, put away clean laundry etc (If I ever meet a person who tells me again that being a SAHM is having so much free time, I wld like to SMACK em). Jamie's allergy on his legs is cos of the lalang in the garden (hv to get grass cutter fixed), poor thing. he tells me "tchng mummy" and rubs his legs. :( So hv to bring him to the doctor to get the proper cream. and slap on some appropriate stuff bfr we go out.. I really am dying to sort out the garden, over the wend I shall kick myself out of my bed and first of all empty the pots of the dead plants. Got ot get some new earth etc, then dig up that dang lalang. Hv to get drain covers too and then can place the plant pots on there. CW has promised me some new plants so I dont hv to get anything. Am also looking for grass seeds mind u, hv to re-seed grass... but most importantly, NEED TO CUT The grass.... I wish there was a place we can replace the part in our grass cutter, apparently it's NOT a common part, that's why we cant buy it from a hardware place. Major bummer :(

the boys are so active and cute (And occasionally tantrumy and fighting), and they do play together a lot now, esp in their tent with all those plastic balls. Slowly teaching them to put back bfr bedtime etc. (can u imagine the mess?!?!?!). Poor don has to work such long hours now and jamie gets so upset when daddy goes... Nap time is still a battle, he eventually falls asleep in the bean bag after I've left the room. They talk so much now and understand so much more, soooo cute! Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin took them for a walk in the park on sunday evening and they also took the bubble gun that Uncle Drew bought for them (unfortunately it cracked up under the strain and stopped working by monday lol) so they had much fun!

ok, almost time for bed, later days y'all! Swim date tomorrow so dunno if can post but will be on more I hope!

Well, another week has gone by. Where does the time go? It's been kinda bz and crazy around here, don's been working at w.ends and it's been a long holiday. So what's been happening?

Well, the tantrums are better at night, trying the bedtime story, reading quieter and quieter.. hes a lot better now.. Josh's canines hv burst through he's almost got all his upper teeth.. the lower ones are backwards to frontwards lol so he looks like a cute bunny! hehee Jamie is a non-stop talker, he says plenty of words clearly now and will tell you what he wants "up" "close" "open" "finished" "mum-mum" (if hungry). Like yday, trying to get him to nap, he said finished night night.. LOL very smart boy... and last night, he wanted to "Read" to us and he took his "touch and feel" picture book and told us what was in it. So cute! Josh chatters away now and both love talking on the phone to whoever lol

They've had a bz week, socially. on fri, took them to IKEA/ikano (met Lai Yin and Linus there), bumped into Mei Shi too! we had a great time and also they behaved themselves. Got some story books at Popular (hope to get more soon)...Also had lunch with lai yin, her hubby and linus on Sat and went to their place thereafter. Jamie bit linus 3 times! urgh.. Linus was trying to take back a toy and Jamie wasnt hvng any of that..Had dins at centrepoint at the pasta place while don went to pick up his comics, bumped into ZY, Jo and ryan.

Sunday was quiet, don did stuff at home and the boys did nap. Saw the inlaws in the pm for short while, then Don had to work monday and Tues the whole day, so we stayed at home tues went to visit Sathiya again (along with shamira and her lil girl). Shamira stayed a while but left bfr lunch, we stayed till the evening. Had some crankies at first but soon all ok. Then they mandi there cos so messy by then..we had Lavin and my boys bathe together .. Anyway, everything was fine but what was so funny to me is that Jamie pointed to lavin's lower regions and then pointed at his own and looked at me questioningly... and he said "enis?" (we tell them that that's their penis, rather than using any other terms lol).. I told him Lavin is a girl, and girls have vaginas and not penises. After two mins, he then dashed off to play in the water in the bathroom instead LOL Sooo funny.. Don had to laugh when I told him that night. They r getting better at sharing/taking turns but as always, depends on their mood. Saw CY in the evening, had dins wt him, don got home almost 10pm, poor thing. Boys went off to bed quite easily.

Yday was a geram day wt Jamie at his worst in terms of fussiness and nrefusing to sleep etc... so by evening, everyone was majorly worn out so night time he slept fine. Bathe them sometimes twice a day, depending on how they go, it seems to calm them a bit bfr nap time.. esp wt the weather soooooooo humid these days. He really gets upset when his daddy goes to work... wants to phone him, looking for him everywhere..

anyway, boys are up now.. will write more soon! Tomrorow they hv a swim playdate! :D So social lah my boys!

later days y'all!