Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Boys are better. Didnt get to nap but I got to escape for an hour. All I did was buy bread, breastpads and toys for my darlings :) but boy did it feel like abreath of fresh air! I just need some space I guess... even if just for a lil while.

will be sleepinng early tonight where possible, they are all better today, engorgement gone, I think expressing helped, shame to waste it, he didnt wanna take it from spoon etc (he knows what he wants LOL) so oh well..

boys eating lil and often, took em for a short drive as a breather for them hvng been cooped up inside for a few days now, poor darlinngs.. So far they r improving and are generally cheering up too...

KIERAN's FIRST MOON CELEBRATION postponed... just in case folks didnt get my sms (I think I covered everyone)... we are just too exhausted and boys need full time to recover..

ok.. bb's up again.. time to go!

its been a very tiring week, both boys are STILL sick, runny tums or throwing up, I cant for the life of me identify where the source is.. baby is now disgruntled cos his BCG bump is appearing and I got so engorged yday, he cldnt get a grip,been up most of the night my right boob got so bad, I had to pump excess milk whichh he didnt wanna hv, boob still a bit tender but man I feel better! D (my husband or dh)took MC today (he also half dead), may take boys to doc soon... What a great way to start my 32nd yearHAHAHA... oh well. just want them to get better, celebrations can wait :D

more when I can make it..

later days