Sunday, December 28, 2003

It's been a while :) Rupert managed to find time to play in the drain, so had to give him a bath and let him dry out out back. CW came to pick him up soon enough (only a couple of hours and Chewie was disappointed to see his new buddy go-they had fun chasing each other around the front yard). He left for Penang straight away pretty much. Don left that meeting and it took him THREE hours to get home from downtown, due to rain/traffic etc :( but we had a nice dinner together and listened to carols/see the lights. Don saw Return of the King on Monday night, the sound cut out like so many times, so we demanded a refund! Jenn and Lokes babysat, he enjoyed the PS2 hehe. Saw CY on Xmas Eve which was nice. Havent seen him in a while. Xmas day was good, the boys slept a good two hours in the morning so we got to prepare everything. Dons family came along (kevin was wt his family), Lissa wasnt feeling well (First day of that evil curse) so they spent quiet time wt us, MIL made fried spring rolls, the boys were up and then they took pix etc. They left soon after the first guest came. Karen came and helped get everything out and then Drew was next. It was a lovely, pleasant day. The boys got very confused as to what was happening but they did love the attention. Don was counting some money in his wallet and Jamie put his hand out for it, even waved for don to give it to him. It's starting already! hehehee.. They speak so clearly now. They had lunch bfr the geng all came so they were in a good mood. Jo, ZY and baby Ryan also came a bit later and I got to hold/feed/rock ryan to sleep, it was such a lovely feeling!! ooooh I want another one!!!! but anyway, unfortunately Josh got rather jealous and threw quite a tantrum cos mummy was holding a "baba" (he calls it that, Jamie can say "bay bee") so once ryan was really asleep (he was bawling a lot, Jo or ZY couldnt settle him, Don managed to for a short while but he started up again, so I took him and rocked him outside and sang silly songs (I usu. sing various versions of Penang state anthem and our national anthem hehe, seems to work!) and he fell fast asleep! Jo and ZY finished eating and then I put him in his cradle and then took my baby boy for a long snuggle. He was like that for most of the day. Claris and family came by in the late evening and Alyssha has started squeealing (She's found her voice hehe) and Josh kept crying frantically when that happened. It was a long day for them so packed them up to bed and took us a while to get em settled. Poor things. Jamie is fascinated by babies and wld watch them closely while pointing and saying BAY BEE! from time to time. He has tried feeding them with whatever he's eating tho, so cute! He and Josh try to be very gentle wt the babies so that's nice. Boxing Day we stayed at home, keeping it quiet for the lads. Don has been drawing again, pottering arnd house, it's been nice. Spoke to the family on Xmas day, Uncle John also rung, which was great. Lovely to chat to everyone. Josh is quite disgruntled and clingy this last week, maybe due to all the visitors we've had. On Sat we went to IKEA/1Utama early and got some things for the house (including the wire tray to store any wires etc). Had lunch there. Dons mum called up, apparently Auntie Loui and family were in town so MIL wanted us to meet up, don said we are feeding the kids right now, what are Auntie's plans, she didnt know so Don suggested we check first lor, she asked don to call. Anyway, we carried on feeding kids and then MIL called again, abt 10mins later to say they are gng downtown, do we wanna come. Don said boys are tired and need to nap first. anyway, in the end, we decided it wasnt practical to meet up. Boys had a good sleep in the afternoon while mummy was at badminton. They loved drawing on the magna doodles that Ah Kow gave (so does Daddy haha) and Jamie loves it esp. he tries to imitate anything that Daddy draws or Mummy attempts to draw haha. Josh will draw for shorter space of time but prefers to run around etc. But they both can spend ages "Drawing"/scribbling. So nice to see, daddy is happy to see that.

Anyway, we had a trad. English Fryup this morning while the boys had their breakfast and now they r down for a nice nap :) It's gng to be a quiet day today. Maybe go for a walk later or something, see how the weather is. Hmmm.. what else was there... MIL has scolded us for "being too relient on the Net" and you cant possibly earn money from being online cos u spend money. I told her that that's how we keep in touch wt our clients and how I get work/do work w/o hvng to leave the kids. with any business, you must spend some to earn some what.. (rolls eyes). It's partly cos she wanted to give me new diary to jot down what kids are doing every day. I told her that they hv an online diary already and I find it easier to type than to write. Then the "too reliant on computer/net" lecture. Whateverlah. No point me taking a diary and not using it really. Better to be upfront abt it. Oh well.

Anyways, that's it for the moment. Time to do some catching up with mail etc.

later days y'all!