Saturday, August 23, 2003

Urgh, even more renovations and sledgehammering and drilling.. Took the kids to the inlaws today (to celebrate Ah Ma's bday), Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin were out doing errands I guess so the kids had a crawl-around etc and we tried to get em to sleep upstairs but we had to seperate em in the end. I managed to rock JD to sleep but abt 20mins later we had to go for makan. Ah Ma wanted to take pix in front bfr we left. Anyway, lunch was ok, JD ate well but Jamie wasnt so keen (he had been given lots of water bfr we left as well) The food wasnt bad (Thai Corner, PJ State, opposite MPPJ) and was a generous treat by Ah Kow, Uncle Kevin. THANK YOU! The birthday cake was a blackforest one, Ah Ma's favourite! When we got home, there was no sound so Don stayed home and we put the boys down for a good nap. Mama went to badminton with Auntie Karen while Papa settled down to draw the last page of the Conan Project. But about half an hour or so later, the deafening noise began again. The boys woke up but Papa managed to settle em down to play but by evening, very cranky :( Mama came home with Uncle Veles (Auntie Karen had to go to another appointment straight after badders so Uncle Veles took Mama home) Papa had already prepared the boys makan so Uncle Veles and Mama fed Jamie and JD so Papa cld have a break and get back to his drawing. Boys had a brief crawlaround, a bedtime story after their bath and off to bed early.

J. Michael Straczynski 's book "the complete book of scriptwriting" is supposed to be a hot tomale kinda book. Loston and Carolyn love it so have ordered it YAY! Let's see if it helps me. hehe. Got editing to do, badminton was good though! Veles has gone home and don is upstairs drawing while I am downstairs finishing up this blog, ordering the book and then getting stuck into the editing. what was it I wanted to say? Oh yeah JD still pulls his brother's hair and then when I scold him, he smoothes down his brother's hair and gives me a cheeky grin. He does his evil cackle too around the play yard. They've taken to pulling up the spongey tiles, no matter what you do so I guess it's time to get a scotchguarded carpet/rug thing. aiyooo. Josh's fav word now is "there". Ah Ma gave us the newly developed pix today (she forgot the negatives tho, oops! must remember them tomorrow) and some lovely ones in there! Esp from their hair cut. Must get the pix up online. The batteries that come with our camera totally do not last, major suckiness. Need to find alternatives methinks. Speaking of cameras, Drew's bro had their expensive and very very funky digcam stolen from the car. I said 'had' cos he left the car 'maybe' unlocked. he lost his wallet, handphone as well. Drew had a major drama trying to get the police report together. Aiyooooooooooo drama minggu ini I tell you!

I wrote the boys diary up to the first year and havent done anything since. I prefer this way but that's just me, I guess I need to play catchup and note things down in both places. at least until the end of the diary hehe. Ppl were asking me at badders today where the boys were hehe. So famous already! I hope the contractors dont work tomorrow, otherwise the poor babies :( Anyway, lets see how it goes.

The jazz channel is on, this blog is done for now, I've caught up wt my email and group posts, it's time to get editing.

later days y'all!