Friday, June 18, 2004

Gosh! where do I begin, it's been crazy, so bz of late, hardly had time to get online let alone blog. The boys are getting heaps better at splashing and playing arnd in the water. Don's cousin Tiffany and her boyfriend Chris were visiting, as were some of the aunts from Kuching. Mum and Dad came for a visit. Saw Saturday night fever! Got banned from MMB (long story that one) but still see many of the members, plenty of playdates etc. They are talking so muhc more now and can even recognise some numbers and letters of the alphabet, soooo cute! Jamie is attempting four word sentences "Mummy's eating rice" and Josh has reached two word sentences "Daddy's car" (yes it has to do with a car!). They are both getting more independent, and more active and demanding more too LOL Jamie's better at eating now, thank goodness! that fussy phase was a nightmare. Night time is still a bit tough, he does wake up and he's now used to sleeping wt us, urgh. Hoping to switch to Koo Kong's bed so hopefully can get him used to sleeping in that room again. Josh will go to the cot bed. Wish we cld get those bunk beds, wld help no end!

Sad news, Aunty GH's dad passed away this week and also our Ee Poh (who was 97! dang!). The funerals were held in penang, just after our trip. our condolences and sympathies to them.

We just came back from a visit to Penang where we had a FAB time! the boys had a swim, saw monkeys in the park/trees, we went to the Burmese temple and did some praying and the boys were blessed by a monk, I kept their lil strings, josh didnt wanna wear his but jamie did. Took some pix, will get those up soon. Also ate heaps!! The durians were totally FAB and the boys ate some, josh even finished two seeds off! (that boy I tell you!), ate at sweet tamarine, did some shopping, but mostly chilling out, the boys had so much fun! They had fun reading along with Grandma and Grandpa. They even had a glorious ride in the Volvo and both can say "Grandpa's Volvo" now! such a blast! We had to get our a.c defrosted on the way down, there's always something LOL but the journey back was fine!

I've prob missed heaps of things but at least Im catching up of sorts haha. They've grown so much, development wise and continue to amaze me with how much they're picking up, esp the language skills. So cute! Always good days and bad days but the snuggles etc are always worth it!

Gotta get dug down to my scripts now!

later days y'all!