Sunday, July 18, 2004

Funny happenings:

oh I tell you, I feel kinda "blur" lol Josh said to me this morning "poo" (and this is after umpteen trips to the loo), I checked his undies, all ok. so I kinda just ignored him he said it again, I asked him u want to go is it? and then he said poo, and held his groin and it allll come rushing out! We hurriedly carried him to the loo downstairs, but he had halted, talked to him abt it, cleaned up and then later on, we were upstairs, he asked to go again, and so I took him, and just as I pulled down his undies, he started wee, this time was already in the loo, so just plopped him on and he started weeing again and tried to put it downwards. So he did a good wee in the loo! woohooo.. he wiped up and flushed and washed his hands, beaming away! well done that one. and silly me for not recognising he realy did wanna go... I guess I didnt think he'd recognise it all so quickly and we'd been gng back and forth lol.. but I reckon its a gREAT start... so he's in undies in the day at home now and pullups if we are out.. although I dare not let him try outside loos yet lol... not brave enough... but that was a good cheer for me :) daddy and I gave him lots of cuddles and hugs :) I know Jamie will follow cos he's Mr Competitive!

whew! other than that, we found a place for the mattress we want for KK's bed but hv to just get it sent over etc... :) then can start rearranging etc etc.. new sheets! hehehe shopping is a good thing :) but bills are not... omg the boys have gone through this massive growth spurt and are now wearing HUGe clothes.. the 3-4 clothes I bought recently wont last till then for SURE... but we hv enough for's a start anyway, we are singing songs to them now, the ABC one...I think we ned to peruse arnd looking for songs on CD...available for download mebbe.. hahaa..

hope y;'all had a great w.end!!!! jamie is getting fidgety and don's fallen asleep, the kids tire him out lol Jamie has started trying to sing and dance now so hopefully he mite enjoy some form of musical fun :) Josh is preoccupied with cars and things so thats quite fun hehehee

later days y'all11