Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The boys were in a strangely good mood after school (hmm what do they feed them LOL) and we had some fruit and cold milk and then off to hv a shower and attempt quiet time. Of course being in the strangely good mood, there were some riotously loud and cheery moments and some scoldings before they settled down. They did hv a nap, which isnt my usual practice but wt them being under the weather previously and so much excitement, I figured it was ok. Of course WAKING em up was delightful.... NOT lol josh had his usual hysterics for some time (esp when I tried to move away or put him aside).. until we had settled downstairs with the infamous car VCD. he eventually calmed down and then was dang cheery LOL They both ate pretty well and then daddy came home and ohhh boy was that excitement, the shouting from the sliding door "Daddy! Hello Daddy!!! Daddy!!" so cute..

took us a while to get em to settle down to sleep but eventually it worked. Almost missed American Idol, not sure what the theme was. Just feeling blur and lazy now...

I think its early to bed, Im gng to ignore the kids blog for today..

later days

Well.. what a day yday...At least josh has broken his fever now, they were in a good mood this morning. Jamie's been quite the difficult one of late, I guess so much gng on, he's got the sniffles, he doesnt understand fully what the whole baby thing is all abt or I dunno.. he's got much worse at the defiance thing (and he isnt even a teen yet hehehee) Tantrums, throwing things, hitting josh (or pushing), just refusing to do anything... Its prob the usual phase but partially rooted in attention seeking, esp since josh got a bit more attention due to hvng his fever.. we shall see..

I need to get off me bum and get BACK into toilet training, even if its slow etc. Mebbe break out the cotton undies since they dont like the discomfort (goodness, the laundry!) and see if that "speeds" things along a bit. Also need to get back to training em to sleep on their own again, they used to be so good at it. Now we are settled in etc, we've got to do it slowly.. Its gng to be hard for me on my own putting them to bed like that, esp wt the baby. Mite as well start now and take it slowly and carefully... Admittedly they r easily adaptable kiddies which Im thankful for but need to also step it up.. I just got lazy wt the move etc and now I feel like an unexploded elephant and everything..

Time to bite the bullet (s)!!!!!!!! all tips and tricks welcome!! Knowing my son's sense of drama, when I get started and things are progressing well, he'll want to get born and throw a spanner in the works.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA hmmm... is that a way to induce the kiddie to get born??? hehehehee Im so mean.. Its very hard to sleep nowadays, just fits and starts but I get so groggy if I nap.. sigh.. Boys are in school today, don said just to rest etc (since the cleaner/domestic help, whatever to call her lol did such a great job, Im ahead of my chores haha) but I feel like Im WASTING time.. stupid I know.. I shld get as much rest inbtwn kiddies as poss but I just feel like DOING something and resting etc is just being.. selfish.. silly I know.. but rest also cant really rest cos so uncomfy.. I guess I never did things the simple way hahaa

Raev is sleeping on her own now, yay! So I also gt some motivation from that side.. Wt the boys sharing a room, Jamie wld tend to kacau his bro if I leave him alone.. mebbe I shld do it in stages, like at various time intervals.... Hmmm.. I shld talk to them abt it later.. See how, starting from today do something proactive at least....Thats prob when I'd go into labour HAHAHAHHAA..

ok lor.. I think mebbe I go hv a looooong shower or something... and then go and pick up the monkeys...hmmm.. wonder how they;d be in school today...Weather soooo hot and icky, gotta force them to mandi again.. lets see...

lia etc