Sunday, September 07, 2003

It's been a while. Been rather busy of late. Saw pirates of the caribbean on Thurs with Ceri... aah... manliness... swords, flowing shirts, tight pants and long boots... Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom... Yum! but enough of the eye candy! The moofie was great fun, good pacing, good laughs.. it was really good entertainment! YAY! Got the two towers DVD (wide screen edition). November is the special extended version (Cant wait!) with the ROTK game also coming on over. Mum and Dad have got back home, saw them on Fri and Sat. Hopefully poor Mum's back is better. Say Ku went back to the UK on Sat am. Spoke to him briefly. Played badders on Sat as always, Karen is away. Drew and Ceri dropped by on Sat evening, Drew is off to the UK for abt 3 weeks on Sun and Ceri to Italy on Mon. Waaah these jetsetters hehee. We are babysitting the PS2 gun, YAY! so a dose of Time Crisis is in order. he DA MAN!

It was nice seeing Say Ku, albeit briefly and intermittantly and of course Gramma and Ah Khong again. The boys doing well, lots more words from Josh now. Jamie too hehe. We've moved the rug from upstairs downstairs cos they do take apart the soft tiles and they can move the yard then. The tiles are now upstairs. We need to move Josh or jamie to a bed real soon, hopefully I get paid for my last project real soon so that is possible. We had a Baaaaaaad night Fri night. The boys had screaming nightmares on and off thru the night. Josh has got one more tooth breaking thru and two more almost thru. Poor lad. I think the cot is too small for Jamie now so need to make some changes soon.

Cooking lots of fruits now, for puree and making custard, cos got bananas (tons!), apples and some strawberries. It's gng to be interesting at least. Never made custard by myself bfr. LOL will let u know how it turns out. Hoping to go to the market again this week once Mrs H comes back. Need to learn the way directly there and back, rather than via the kindergarten cos man, I'd get lost! LOL

more later.

later days y'all