Monday, February 09, 2004

While at burger king, Josh managed to climb upstairs using the railing w.o his mum helping! and he climbed down backwards too, he wasnt so comfortable using railing for way down.. only a matter of time tho Jamie has gotten more clingy :( oh dear...

later days y'all

Well then, back to getting all caught up! We had a wonderful time in Penang (had a quiet week at home before that, minus the chaos of disrupted night's sleep wt fireworks and other nonsense). Unfortunately our a/c cut out on the way up to penang (ACK!)- so hot! but the boys were very good and didnt really complain, except towards the end. We arrived, hot, sweaty and uncomfortable! but the boys were very excited when they saw their grandparents (and vice versa too! lol) they werent much in the mood for lunch (poor things were so tired, having only a fitful sleep on the way). They had a brief nap in the afternoon after we set up the bed (two bedrails, against the wall and umpteen dining chairs lol). We also saw the lion dance downstairs. It was a very good one and the boys were good boys and were fascinated by the actions, they even bobbed up and down to the music. (we were concerned if they wld get upset by the noise, it was loud!). but they did just fine. Dad had bought Pan Chang Kueh for tea! yummmmmm the boys of course liked it hehe

We had a nice dinner at PSC and they went to bed with minimal fuss. They did wake up early so we had early breakfast. had to deliver car to mechanic to get it seen to (had to leave it there cos no parts till next day). Went for a buffet lunch at Shangrila, ok onlylah.. but it was nice to b there with M&D, boys were good, eat TONS! Bumped into Ravi too. Went for a swim that evening, me, dad and the boys. Don and Mum took the vid/pix. Went pretty well after an initial bawling :) had take out makan *yum* with Dad while tapau for don. Mum had a light dinner.

Monday had lunch at Casablanca and then we went to pick up the car (josh napped but jamie didnt so we took him with us, he dozed off in car after chattering away). Everybody had a nap, except me lol Went to see Bangkok Lane Ee Poh who is 97 this year, boys were dressed up in their CNY outifts hehee (since lunch also). After our visit, we went to the Sweet Tamarind restr. fab fooooood! boys were in bed very late, out like lights! Left arnd 8am next day, relatively ok journey. Thanks to drew for jaga house and dog! Poor man fell sick the day we got in :(

otherwise been pretty good, bz w.end, badmintonlah, don met someone who might be interested in his illustration/cartooning and the boys had a good run around as well in BK, DSH. Went to the 1Utama new wing on sunday, was pretty good, got a lovely kids section over in the new MPH, nice one! the boys napped in turns so that went well. Drew met up wt us and we had lunch at the Vietnamese place, not bad, not bad. Josh had a walkabout with the reins, so that was pretty funky LOL

They are saying and doing so much these days. New words seemingly daily and jamie is finally climbing down off things! YAY! I guess he gave up when we ignored his request to come get him and he just plain got down himself. he's still refusing to sleep unless one of us in the room wt him (only at night). and he still gets up in early morning (like WAY early) and he wants to sleep in our room (he's slept there almost every night so far) and that aint right. We swopped cots in case that wld help, it has a lil bit. Reduced liquid intake (not as much water in the late evening) cos that does contribute too. IT;s getting very tiring and must go and train him back to the "old" way. Since firecrackers shld be all done by now :)

Ok, it's lunch time. better get em settled, they've had a good nap. They need more outlets for their energy etc than being at home all the time. Been trying to get to check out kids activities classes but they always ask that one adult per child and seem very shocked that I hv no helper so they said they cant come. Anyway, gng for a trial run wt kids sports on Sunday am. Urgh, so geramleh.. I need to do something week days and I shld be able to do it on my own.. (mutter mutter). Will keep looking I guess.

later days y'all