Sunday, August 31, 2003

today is MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA!!!! (independence day) woohooooooo... yday the family came around to visit while mama played badminton, Uncle Drew even played!!! eh, he terror also man! dont play play! Mum has let me Tony Parsons "Man and Boy" which coincidently Karen has also read and enjoyed a lot. So shld be interested to check it out. Prob read it later or tonight. The boys swam today! they had a fine time (once josh got used to being in the water), josh even liked floating on his back or front and kicking. jamie sat in the 'floatie' that Ceri gave for Xmas and kicked away in there. So exciting to watch them splash and laugh, they loved it! but a tiring day for them. They tried durian in the evening. They liked it!!! Jamie even wanted more! hehe. they had a great time at MK, crawling around, Josh took another step here and there, it was so exciting to see his progress! he grows more confident of standing alone. Jamie is getting better at that too although he doesnt always want to try. but today he learnt to play ball, with uncle kevin, he learnt to roll the footballl upstairs and with Gramma, he did the same but even could throw the ball quite well to her. hehehee A footballer for Uncle Jeff, Uncle Veles and Uncle Kevin? hehehe Both are chatting well, Josh;s fav word is now "fan" and "there" Jamie's word is "flower" among others. So exciting to hear them learn new words. They were off to bed early today. It's good that their Say Ku got to hear their chatter and also to see josh standing by himself and even taking a step! Glad the swim went well today. Hope to swim with them again soon. Mama is very tired today. Oh, mustnt forget to mention that Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin came by today, played wt them after their nap and then helped don put up the shelves etc. So he's almost done with his Conan page, that last panel is a killer I can tell ya! Our story round in PJ is going well, slowly but surely! hope to have some pitch practice exercises soon. Maybe some other scenarios practice too for our story round. It's great that things are picking up on thewritersdesk now and there are more willing participants now! YAY! It's been a great learning curve for me and a great help also in fixing my own mistakes or improving my own story telling abilities, whether in scripts or in prose. Watching Pride and Prejudice again, I can watch that over and over, me wuv it! Karen and I will watch Pirates of the Caribbean soon, we are trying to organise a girls-only moofie night! I hope they can make it LOL If not, Karen and I can go :D Only a few more months until LOTR-ROTK comes, I soooooooooo cannot wait, man! I made a start on the Tony Parsons while waiting for something to load.. not bad...interesting..

Well then, that's it for now..Ok, I finished Tony Parsons (sorry Karen LOL) and it's pretty good, some good emotional bits in it, in particularly in relation to his kid. Good, honest, "regular" writing mereckons. Wonder what his sequel was like. I promised karen I wont talk abt HP5 with her cos she's now beginning it. hehe. I think I need to get editing with my manuscript, I've put it off too long. but thewritersdesk has picked up some and hopefully my other freelance job wld kick in soon too.. bring on the moooolah...Once I edit that dang manuscript, I hv to prepare a pitch etc and start sending it out :D (after major "copyright protection" of course).

later days, y'all!