Thursday, July 17, 2003

__ Edited again___

Well well well... it's Thurs. Was supposed to go out today with Jo but we had to postpone it to tomorrow. That shld be fun. Boys were very good but JD is still doing the " throw things out of yard and when Mama comes to scold him, crawl hurriedly to the other side of the yard and look at mama with the 'oh I am so innocent' look" routine. On the up side, he stood for half a minute by himself!!!!! that was awesome. he says "ooppppp" when he wants up, "amum-mum" when he wants eating. JK is persisting with the "everything is 'clock'" routine but he's crawling heaps better now and he wants to take up the challenge of moving around. so that's a good thing :)

The boys have had their milk and are now down for their afternoon nap. They can go longer btwn naps now but still need both their naps for the moment. Ahh no complaints from JK so he must be sleepy. At least now he gets himself up after his brother crawls over him or shoves him so less of the "drama performance" he tends to favour. JK is trying to pull himself up now using the yard, like Raeven and JD were doing. He's getting heaps better at drinking by himself if we put the bottle in his hands so that's something.

Tonight was banking and bills night (oh joy of joys..NOT!) but we are saving it for the w.end. CSI, Boomtown, Alias, the Amazing Race, Fillmore (on Sat mornings on Disney hehe). Ahh....the TV.... you can tell you are getting older you know. But hey... There is 24, CSI Miami, 3rd Watch to look forward to. Or I could resort to the homemaker's world of Korean and South American Soups now showing on local TV channels (aaaargghhh).

Aahh silence from the room upstairs...... Gives me a chance to get to grips with this blog and the comments software, grrr.. wish blogger cld just hv it intergrated and I wouldnt hv to worry abt inserting it in the wrong place (as the bishop said to the actress) (see Leslie Charteris's 'The Saint' series if you dont know what I mean lol).

Am now going to check out Jenn's blog and I read Raev's version of her playdate, so farneeeeeee :) Not sure when our next playdate is, have to check with Jenn but they are invited to the boys first bday party! abt 2-3weeks more.. wow.... We are going to be parents of toddlers!!!! (faints).

Karen is back! She rang up. May see her tomorrow evening, she will prob drop around. Hmmm.. I added some postscripts and they vanished. Major bummer! I did click save, urgh.. Hmm... what was it I said... Drew's bday tomorrow. Jamie is trying to haul himself up using the Yard fencing. Made some changes to the PlayDate entry. Gosh I cant remember what else I said. Hmm....Aah Sign of being 30, beginning memory loss.. LOL oh well.. Don is home, best feed him and I had a natter with Ceri as well, she has got mild flu (and a dose of the day after, the night before). Crazy English Lady! aah Mad about you is coming on Hallmark as well. I like it, seems very accurate reg: marriage/relationships. Oh, yeah, and time to eat dinner too haha! Tomorrow brings shopping with Jo (I will resist buying stuff for the kids) and a probable visit from Karen :) Yay! the w.end is almost here!!!!

later days, y'all!