Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Josh wont go to sleep again aiyoooo. Bonjela, gave him a drink, change nappy, sing, rock, cuddle, read book.. now he's with daddy, hopefully will tidur. Karen here for Alias and chit-chat. Has angel-hair spaghetti for dinner and it was ok, too tomatoey for me. but the others liked it. Don managed to get josh to sleep, he lay right across his daddys chest on his tummy and zoned. aiyoo my son.

The boys went to Jenn and Raeven place today. Went shopping after a yummy lunch of oatbran, peaches, honey, milk. Jenn and I grabbed a quick lunch in the cafe near the pool when her inlaws came. The water was a bit cold at first and we had to comfort them for a while but hey, they loved it, Josh esp. he was splashing kicking throwing himself forward into the water, so cute! Jamie just liked splashing and playing with the ducks that I brought. they had milk and played like good boys. Raeven walks with lil steps, it's so cute! she 'looked' after the boys, sheparding them away from the 'no-go' areas. They had a nap, Jamie in the stroller and Josh in the car and after that they played some and then I fed them an early dinner and a wipe-down, they had a bath while at Jenn's. The boys were both calling out 'car' while on the way. So cute! Josh will say 'bbbbeeee' when he wants his book. so cute! Jamie is chatting away. They both called Jenn's FIL "n-pa'. IT was nice to go to Jenn's. She has also joined the malaysian nursing moms group too.

ok, me very tired. methinks monthly curse coming, drained leh. but it wasa nice day!

later days y'all!