Sunday, December 07, 2003

Don got back from Singapore on Thurs and brought back TONS of things for his kiddies ehhe more Hi5 and Bear VCDs! A Poirot DVD set for mummy's xmas present and some Batman ones for his Xmas. MMB site is down again :( We really need to see minimal downtown and the head moomies are away :( However, friends overseas CAN access the site so goodness what is gng on, cld it be an ISP issue? Oh well who knows. The boys were so excited to see their daddy on Fri morning! He left for work and they got upset again :( But anyway he got to see them at bathtime so it was fun. They r so active now and love sitting on their stools to watch TV or "read". They also like getting into Me-me's home office area so Da-da has to re-think the solution. Da-da passed his exam!!! YAY! :D So only one more to go, I bet he cant wait either. The boys hv playgroup this w.end and also meeting Pakcik Roslan and Makcik Lina for lunch bfr the playgroup, it will be at Kidsports. Will stop by to drop off the presents for Ah Ma, Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin (They hv a Ps2 now! yay!). Jamie has like premolars coming out too, aiyooo that son mannn lol He wants all his teeth out by the time Grandma and Grandpa come out methinks LOL they r gettin gheaps better at climbing now and slowly getting the hang of climbing down (sloowly hehe), usu. jamie sends his brother to do the dangerous stuff and reaps the benefits later LOL Hv to get something done abt my computer area. When the boys sneeze, they say "ai cho." hehe so cute! JOsh looks like he's teething his upper canines instead but mannn, where are his lower ones ?? lolWent to the MPO last night, CW got last min tix in the box no less. So after badminton, got the kids fed and watered, he came to pick me up we dashed to the MPO (the traffic sooo bad) and got ushered into the side room, watching it on TV cos we were late, CW and I were puffing after dashing up several flights of stairs two steps at a time! lol or one or two steps depending on which flight of stairs hehe. We slipped into the box during the changeover and tried to act less "heathenish". the music was FAB! and we really had a blast. It was Simon Preston as the soloist (on the big pipe organ), the music was Elgar, Handel, Whitlock and Elgar again, absolutely fab! After the concert, we met the organist who signed my programme and had a short chat, very friendly fellow and it was amazing. We had supper afterwards (Cos we didnt hv dinner lol), Beef Ball noodles downtown so that was nice. It was nice to catch up wt CW, hvnt seen him for a while or even talked to him, it's been so bz!

The boys "talk" so much, trying to string words together and to tell u what they want. They love Hi5 and Bear and try to dance along to the music or follow some of the steps (in Hi5), amazing stuff. They shld enjoy today's playgroup, Maria (the other twinnies moomy) will be there. I hope the site comes back up soon!!!!! TIme to get ready etc now.. Hv to cook their makan, pack their bag, figure out the stroller clips again, head on out!

later days y'all!