Sunday, June 12, 2005

k's 1st smile proper caught on camera! see the kids blog (link at side)

Edit: more pix on our photos site (


crazy wkend. boys had a whirl of social activity and crankiness abounds! Jamie is def gng thru some major Terrible 2s moments now.

anyway, rather worn out and tired. some pix up on our pix site
from the bday party on Sat.

Managed to capture some pix of K smiling! yay!! I still hvnt figured out the whole video editing thing yet and how to post it.. :) Will work on that so we can post up the mini videos!

K is awake and "chatting" away.. so cute! Gng to try and see if my cheesecake turned out, I tried the no bake recipe that u can find on the philly cheese boxes hehe. gng to see if my breadmaker is working tomorrow, thank goodness, boys are back in school!

later days