Monday, December 29, 2003

Went to kidsports in the pm, Auntie loui was still in town with Marianne. Stopped by house briefly (Ah Ma wanted don to try on shirts she had bought), then went to kidsports with the whole gang, although SIL wasnt so keen. She thought wearing socks was stupid but I said its to keep it cleaner than bare feet, esp wt all the kids crawling/running around. Anyway, the kids had a blast as always, Josh is heaps better at getting on and off the rockers now and Jamie of course loved the ball pool! Ah Ma came to join in to play with the kids while the others sat at the cafe area, Ah Kow and Marianne went off to shop a couple of times. Anyway, they left around 4pm and the boys had their tea and an early dinner. Jamie was so zoned out I tell you. He was sooo excited. he did wake up at 330pm, completely wide awake so I had to take him into our room cos he wouldnt stop talking and Josh was beginning to stir. So he slept in our bed, although he talked for ages, kicked us both from time to time and he did eventually sleep but he was soready for his nap when the time came. don is off this week, YAY! Got lots to do though, around house and other places. Better get to it!

later days y'all!