Friday, November 14, 2003

Went to IKEA wt M&D. Got the boys their big Xmas present (a table and stools!) It's round in a cheery lime-green colour (I know, it does sound rather shocking!), getting alternative blue and green stools. Also picked up a couple of other things here and there. We had lunch there of course. The MNMums are also organising the playgroup, mite start next week (Tues/sat) so that shld be fun :) tomorrow Grandpa and Daddy are out while Mummy and Gramma spend the day wt the other boys :D the table is all set up so that shld be fun! Poor Daddy's back is thrown out so he's gotta take care of that, he needs a new office chairlah and learn to sit with some support propped up behind him.

ok, onwards I got some editing to do now and also write the next part of our story round.

later days y'all

Yday the Civic has officially left our hands and moved onto someone else :( it's a sad day in some ways cos that car has given us well over 20 years of memories but it was time to let go! It's time for the next person to enjoy the "Snowball"/"PACmobile"!

Cleaners were around yday and then after daddy came home (the boys were gng to bed early, poor tired things), Uncle CW came to pick me up and then the grandparents. We had a lovely dinner at House of Sundanese Food (in BSC itself). The concert (Young KL Singers, Aunty LH was a soloist) featured songs from Miss Saigon and Les Miserable. Prefered the 2nd half (LH sang great!) cos the music was a bit more lively. There were some singers who made us cringe a bit and the music was a tad bit loud for the poor singers to be heard over.. BUT all in all, was a lovely evening. We chatted with LH briefly (Got her to sign the programme haha, celeb already!) before she had to go back in for her "post-show briefing".

The boys are sleeping early, storm woke em up, Josh was wet again etc. So they had breakfast (they werent much in the mood to eat but drank up), toddled for a short while while Mum prepared the room. Climbed up the stairs (They r getting good at this! even their style of climbing is different LOL) and changed nappy and off to an early nap, poor tired things. Will be seeing the grandparents later today so yay! Planning to go and see the new Matrix movie tomorrow but not confirmed yet (in terms of me gng) cos see what parents wanna do.

later days y'all