Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Monday was quiet, we are at home, josh got VERY clingy that afternoon, could hardly do anything, urghhh... Anyway Tues we met Aunty Ceri for lunch, ran over to MK and then went to Bayu to hand some sippy cups (Extra) over to Topaz and Ari. The boys enjoyed a toddle around at MK with Ceri and myself and they slept a lil bit in the afternoon or Josh did and Jamie dozed off in the car for a short catnap. We put up the xmas tree and decorations last night while they were asleep. Their faces this morning when they beheld the Xmas tree tucked away in the play pen (the essential xmas decoration LOL) were a sight of wonder and amazement. So far they've admired it and left it alone. They r more interested in climbing the sofa and sitting there right now. LOL Gng to meet Jenn and Raev today at 1U for a shoppping day out ,for lunch and a bit after that. Shld be fun :) Don's in a mood today, SJMC STILL hasnt got back to us reg: the form (which delays our insurance claims even more), the TT. cost a lot to do and Paula's package to us has gone AWOL. I guess if it isnt here by now, it's not coming :( Major bummer, esp. wt the pix in it WAAAHHHH... I'd like to be pleasantly surprised by POS Malaysia but I remain cynical. Luckily our extra copies of Phobias came, otherwise the TT wld hv hurt even more! Anyway, next week is ROTK premiere YAY!!! cant wait!!!!!!

ok, thats all for now! later days y'all