Thursday, November 06, 2003

Yday was a major bad storm :( it ripped apart our gazebo and fried our lightning protector for the phone upstairs, gotta get another one now. Freaked out the boys, esp. Josh, he doesnt like the loud sudden noise :( but we played downstairs, and I gave him the lil Koala bear that Say Ku gave them from Oz. that helped him calm down a lil. After some milk (which by then the rain had subsided), I tucked them into bed and they slept well afterwards. Both boys have been chasing poor Chewie or tickling him. but mind u, he doesnt mind and dashes alongside them when Josh is trying to run LOL

I was chatting to Papa on the speaker phone downstairs and Jamie cld recognise his voice and tried to tell his Papa everything around him. HE was quite excited. Josh did stop and say "Da-dad!" (daddy) and then carried on dashing up and down with a remote or toy in hand lol So I decided to call Ah Khong and Grandma. They were thrilled to hear their grandsons' voices, Jamie did most of the talking and they both waved at the phone when they heard Grandma and Ah Khong saying "hello". so cute! Jamie yelled out "N-pa" (or Grandpa) when he heard my dad's voice. Grandma is a bit harder to say cos "Ah Ma, Mama and Mum-mum" sound similar. So we had a nice lil chat which we cut short cos Josh fell over the dog so had to sort that out, what a chaotic house LOL But the boys waved "bye-bye" when they heard it on the phone. It was so nice to see the boys recognise the voices on the phone. Afterwards, Jamie wld point to the family pix on the wall and call out "N-pa" and "Da-dad" as if to say, "there they are!"

If he wants something (mostly food lol), he wave his hand as if to say "come here", like we do with them when we want them to come to us. So funny!!! First time he did it yday and he did it again t/o the day. They are getting better at handing back their drink when they r done with it. :D They did wake up abt 530am this morning (or Jamie did), gave him back his turtle, he settled down for shortly but around 645am or so, he woke up again, complaining. Josh had soaked his bed so we had to change that anyway. in the end, we got up earlier and fed him earlier. Josh can be so fussy in the morning/evening reg: his food, urgh. Like his daddy, he seems to want rice all the time LOL When he thinks I'm not looking, he'd toss down the food he doesnt want (usu. the bread) to the waiting jaws of Chewie. It's begun.... LOL They had a good run-around this morning and I took em up for a nap now. They hv finished singing to each other (Jamie starts to sing to music when he's feeling "quiet/tired") and are now quiet, YAY!

later days y'all!