Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Mrs Hong is much better now. Went to our local "market van" instead. Will pick up some pork from him tomorrow morning I suspect. It's been a gila few days. Discussing possibility of an autogate (esp. after what happened wt Mrs.H) now on top of the Unser. See how lor. Safer hor. The Lees stopped over in KL for two days en route to Penang from the UK. It was wonderful to see them again (Ah Teik, Auntie Libby, Nessa and Rosie). Sunday was a gila day! Boys went down to nap on Sunday, called Ah Kow to let her know they r taking a bit longer to nap, pls come later (Auntie Louie etc coming then) but Ah Ma so impatient, couldnt wait. Asked for at least an hour so boys cld be in better mood. She wantd to talk to don and then he explained again, she hung up on him. and they came anyway! Nemind that chewie makes so much noise when they arrive, the kids didnt get to nap hardly at all! Don was annoyed cos they said well ur coz has to go somewhere, and he said well its the kids, they need their nap. Rather a stressful beginning. Anyway, they left just abt lunchtime, had to put boys down after a quickie makan cos they were SO cranky by then. We dont understand why ppl cant seem to understand the kids COME FIRST, not meant to inconvenience y'all mah. It was like that for most of the visit, not listening to our requests for our kids etc. Apparently Ah Ma chose Jamie's name (eh? this I dont recall) and she kept saying that she didnt like Josh's name etc (she loves him to bits now at least). I hope she DOESNT do this when the kids are older, it's not nice! She was going on and on reg: whether the boys shld be in seperate classes cos they might be too competitive and then hate each other. :rolls eyes: Oh well.. overexcited Ah Ma I guess. *sigh*. Anyway, it was a bit of a relief when they left, only so much overexcitedness I can take LOL But it was nice seeing Don's auntie, uncle and cousins.They are lovely :)

In the afternoon we saw Ah Teik, Libby, Nessa and Rosie (those two are sooo beautiful and TALL!). Went to BSC and bumped into another Coz, nat! So funny! After chatting, went to Kidsports and the kids had a complete blast roaming around, the two cousins played with them, oldest with youngest, so funny! Chatted with Ah Teik and Libby amongst the chaos of kids. Had tea and then we had dinner together as well (early dins). Boys tried chicken rice! Much to Rosie's delight heehe.. Anyway, was a fab time had by all. It's funny how the cycle goes. Ah Teik's father was looked after (he was a cousin of my Ah Ma) by Ah Khong's family, Ah Khong helped look after Ah Teik and Ah Oon (his older brother my de facto godpa, now left us to watch over us) and Ah Teik etc used to jaga us kids.. and then I used to help jaga his daughters from early on, then now his daughters jaga my boys. It's great to see how well those girls are turning out. Nessa is now a dentist and Rosie is doing O-Levels, hoping to get into medicine. So proud of them!!! :D Jaime and Nessa are great comrades and Josh loves his Cousin Rosie.

Next day, went to KLCC and met up with everyone again (was delayed cos of poor Mrs. H :( and she watched out for me as I drove out, poor thing!) traffic wasnt too bad and we met up with them at the Park area. Nessa had taken pix of the Towers for her architect boyfriend hehe and then ah teik left to have lunch with some of his old school mates (they've been keeping in touch all these years! reminds me of Don and his "geng"). Libby, the girls and I met up wt Suet and drew for lunch at Mdm. Kwan's (yes, it does sound like a brothel but it's a restr. hehehehehe), The boys enjoyed their lunch and we ate in shifts so they cld remain entertained. they kept flirting with the waitresses of course, Josh was nearer the waitress pathway and they kept gushing over him. hehee he didnt mind! Drew got the Libby stamp of approval for future godpa material LOL So funny! He had no idea what to say LOL After lunch, we bid goodbye to Suet and Drew and went to Kinokuniya. Rosie remained with the boys while we roamed around. Picked up a couple of items, the comics don wanted were not there :( anyway, Josh had dozed off sitting up but when I laid him down, he woke up. Libby and Rosie took turns in pushing the stroller. Auntie libby is SO ready to be a grandma I tell you LOL Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon and we had tea with nyonya kuih (which Jamie LOVES. aiyoooo too much sugar, badmommmy!) and then met Uncle Mel at the KLCC Park. We had spent some time in the park, waiting for him, they loved the park. The beautiful cousins and my handsome sons were getting a LOT OF attention I can tell you! lol so funny... Beautiful genes run in the family, as Suet seems to think LOL Bid a sad farewell to them, Nessa had grown very attached to the lil tykes, Jamie even said NESSA! (or something like it). He also said "fish" pretty clearly too. He's so chatty these days. took us a while to get home anyway. they shld be in Penang now.

Was supposed to go to the market on Tues am but mrs hong wasnt feeling up to it. Went to this local "market van" fella and got most of what I wanted. So that's great. pottered around at home then went to lunch with Jennifer (the other one) in Subang and also swung by and picked up Jamie's form from SJMC (at long last). Went to Tescos in the evening so everything is ready for xmas methinks! Cleaners were supposed to come today but a mixup and they r coming fri, :rolls eyes: oh well. Don is at work today, was supposed to be on leave! Stupid.. mutter mutter.. The PM (project manager) pulled out from the meeting they scheduled for today (at 3pm no less!) cos "Oh I have to do last min shopping, prepare the turkey, go for mass etc". Don was furious! he did snap at him, well so do I! So HE's not coming for the meeting but expects Don and Drew to be there.. that SO SUCKS! inconsiderate, mutter mutter.

Rupert is here visiting Chewie (CW has to go to IKEA and then driving up to Penang so I am doggysitting) and they are happily playing out in front. I think the boys are still asleep. Anyway, hv to do a few things around house and marinade chicken etc for tomorrow.


later days y'all!