Monday, August 02, 2004

Oh gosh! What chaos! we had lunch on Tues in KLCC with Pat and Daddy and then Wed, we had lunch with Mike, that was nice. Then the w.end, we got shopping and errands done (we got shoes for the boys for the wedding!), some toy cars (of course haha) and cleared grocery shopping too! Sunday was a quiet day, I tried making playdough but that turned out to be disaster, then tried using the breadmaker to make dough, the wires had got tangled and it fell over! ack! the juicer got broken :( Hope to get a replacement. Anyway, tried again and this time we made pizza dough and we made tuna pizza! (and banana too at the end), yummmy!!! turned out quite well and jamie ate lots! Josh isnt one for pizza/breads anyway so we got him noodles. Jeff and Sue, Ren , Sree an d Rea, Drew came by to celebrate Sue's bady (we had... PIZZA lol), Ah Kow and Uncle Kevin came by also but unfortunately too late to really see the boys, they had brought wedding pix for us to see but we can see it next time, boys will be having their bday party next week! woohoooo where does the time go? lol

the boys loved doing arts and playing wt dough so I try and do it in the morning, when they r more awake lol Im actually using the breadmaker again, this time making banana raisin bread, yummmy

Ok, they r at it again, everytime Im here, they r coming LOL

later days y'all