Sunday, April 10, 2005

Well then, what it's been like? (or I shld say what has it been like?) first of all, its been blardy hot and humid.. eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... no fun at all... but dons been home and we've had some of the cronies arnd, was fun :) The kids get more demanding and difficult each day, on the other hand, they also wanna do more for themselves.. How contrary can u get LOL anyways, just waiting each day... :(

saw some of the cronies sat night that was fun, nice to relax wt them for a while despite being like major uncomfy..

gosh Im tired out, and its only 922pm and Ive been dozing off and on throughout the day, urghhh... not for another week.. mutter mutter..

anyways, hv a good week ahead y'all

later days

Just repeating one of my posts from my regular support group:

Went to doc this am for regular appmnt. Saw a new doc, nice fella,
very detailed in explanation, he showe dme how to feel where baby head
was :) so funny... anyways, the reason hes not engaged anymore is b/c
his head wasnt big enough then to "stick". now the next time he drops
down, he STUCK.. muahahhahaa.. So he's now saying all is well,
everything healthy and hes plumping up well etc, but prob wont be for
another week at least! def soon but.. I was like GRRR.. he was saying
its partly cos its my first "labour/delivery" so hv to try it like my
first time, not cos its 2nd pregnancy.

He's abt 3.5kg and measuring a bit bigger than 38 weeks, but he's all
good.. :)

mummy ready but I guess he isnt :) The godparents are laughing cos
they say he's lazy like them LOL hmmm shld I rethink choice of
godparents LOL