Monday, December 08, 2003

Met up wt Roslan and Lina for lunch, took the boys for a walk afterwards, they held on to my hands as we walked along, they loved looking at the Xmas lights! After that, the playgroup was a blast! I am just abt to c&p what I "reported" on the MMB site:

We got there and then saw JT, Loke uei (her dh) and Raeven (her daughter). Then saw Angeline who actually almost freaked out Don (my dh) who went up to him (I was off changing no:1 who was chitchatting to this lil girl next to the table lol such a flirt lol) ooh Lia is changing the boys ah? He was like urm.. yeah... while thinking okkk.. who is this?! LOL Got the socks on and let them loooose.. The boys LOVED the ball pool thingy and we tended to congregrate (sp?) arnd there. Met Kah Shin who came up to me (am I really that recognisable?!! lol) and her daughter was running around. Lai Yin, Richard and Linus came next and Shamira wt Alysha(sp?) and.. Hmm...Jenn Ng with Junior, then Ros and Beatrisya. Am I missing anyone?? <-- very bad at names u know lol

My boys enjoyed playing wt their "girlfriends" and new friends too!!! Jamie occupied the ball pool as if it was his alone LOL Josh loved the "rocking horse" things they had and even tried to do the broom broom thing wt his hand (an Easy Rider in the making??? lol). Annabelle and Isabelle are such sweeties and one day I will tell them apart (I hv to really study them, they kept moving around hehee). It was great to meet everyone and luckily no kids cried when I picked them up (WHEW) hehe Alysha is cuddlylah ehhee I love it!

Thanks to Angeline, Lokes and the others who helped me look after my kids (wt Dh too!) while I went to meet the manager of Kidsports with Lai Yin. (will keep yall posted on that).

Whew! Jamie tried to say "share" and "thank you" as he handed ppl the plastic balls. So funny! Stopped by inlaws on way back to drop off presents from Sg. and also feed boys their milk. MIL kept wanting to feed boys sweet lentils cooked in rock sugar, despite us saying no, it's too near dinner etc etc. *sigh* anyway, oh well. We left pretty soon (didnt stay long, boys tired etc and it was threatening to really rain). The boys were tired and went to bed really early. A lil incident:

This is gng to sound so.. softie but last night Josh woke up (storming, he hates the sound of the rain and I think he ha da nightmare too), so he wouldnt go back to sleep unless I cuddled him so I sat up in my bed, him crooked in my arm cross my chest (almost like a cradle hold but higher) and he had his teddy bear under one arm and one finger holding on to mine. He slept straight away then and then totally zonked out till we put him back to bed.. made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and very loved Dh did a sketch of it (just of josh) so I am hoping to scan it up and show yall Made me want another one even more LOL silly me...

Anyway, that's it for today. :D later days y'all.