Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Gosh! Jamie actually slept thru the night in his own room! Mind you, he did wake up once but it was a turtle searching thing and easily remeded. the toilet training is gng ok, we hv plenty of accidents and mostly near-misses. As in they tell me and then go just as they tell (or josh does that) Jamie tells just after I think. The back toilet is blocked, plumber coming today, blech. so I've put it off a bit, we do the before bath and in the morning upstairs at the moment but Josh is doing better, Jamie is digging his heels in... but thats fine, we've only just started and we arent in a hurry so even if we regress its cool. They know what the loo is for and what they hv to do, its just the timing ISNT quite there yet. And trying to train two is quite ... err... interesting wouldnt u say? LOL But they love wearing their "unnnnnnnndiessssssss" (they yell that when they see the undies lol) and I've got tons, just in case LOL so either pullups and/or undies and normal nappies for nap and night time. they r in XL already.

Don and I are still disagreeing over the bed thing. Whether to use KK's bed and get a new "super single" mattress and some cute sheets mebbe or a double bed (which a lot of twins mummies seem to use)..Course I'd love the bunk beds, which can be standalone till they r ready... We can use KK's bed in the other room when the next one comes instead...

the boys love "drawing" and colouring and thank goodness for washable crayons/markers LOL and they love their books. They r doing well, recognising most numbers, not always in sequence, but its so cute listening to them try to count. Alphabet (or letters thereof) are also becoming more familar. So much fun!

Really need to find playgroups for them, crazy otherwise trying to keep them entertained and relatively out of mischief. hehehee.. even if they r my kids LOL

ok, back to the grind!

later days y'all!