Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A week later. It's been a busy time. I been working on a typing job and the kids been rather ratty as well. What's the latest? Jamie tries to say 'finished' when he's finished eating and 'milk' when he points to his drink, says 'ook' when he wants his book. Hes taken to to standing half way up while still bent over (like a bridge). Josh has said 'duck' and has taken only one more step since, he's a bit nervous abt it. but he's also pointing to the fan and then giggling. They both love windchimes and they will point to it and giggle every time we knock the chimes together. They were sleeping a bit erractically last week but have settled back down, with the occasional wake-up, usu. dreaming cos they sleep almost straight after. The new IKEA outlet opened on Thurs, the traffic was a bllllllooooming nightmare, the inconsiderate ppl parked in two lanes of the highway! good grief! Philip Oh was in town for a week (he's an old 'crony' from Penang who works in Switzerland) and don and I met up wt him and Ming May (also an old 'crony') from Penang who works in KL on Thurs night, had to take different route. It also poured with RAIN LOL. veles babysat, the boys did wake up (due to the powercuts etc) but he settled em back. on Sat, May and Philip came back and they played badminton with us and they stayed for chicken curry dinner! Don had to work all day and only came home at 9pm :)( Karen also stayed for dinner before she had to head out to a social engagement hehe. It was nice to catch up with ppl, esp since its been a while since I've seen those two, although I do see Philip online. I started the editing job and I've got a script for don to do as well. I took the boys for a meeting (Their first hehe) this week. So I got stuck into the editing job once I completed the typing one. So busy, busy busy nowadays. Dons been catching up with his art and has almost cleared his room as well. It was great having so much help on Sat I can tell u LOL Sun was just a lazy day.

Have taken the walker upstairs and see if Josh wld be more receptive to it. He loves standing everywhere but he isnt so confident yet at walking. But Jenn's told me Raeven has walked 5 steps YAY! Josh talks a bit more now, his teeth are all thru but no signs of the new ones coming in yet although he's drooling buckets and wanted to chew on cold teethers. They both love crawling around upstairs which they do twice a day really. They get a story before gng to bed (after their bath and crawltime) we close the doors and they love to bang on the doors. So cute, noisy but cute LOL

Say Ku is coming into town tomorrow! He'll be away and then back in KL again next week so Gramma and Ah Khong will also be coming up next week. Merdeka is coming soon, and it's a long w.end. Don has to study for his exams so he's clearing any art projects before getting stuck in. His portfolio is looking hot!

Ok, I gotta get the kids lunch ready, we are gng to CW's office today. karen has finally got on MSN messanger YAY! so another 'crony' has joined the Net hehe.

later days, y'all!