Thursday, October 13, 2005

I tried to make kuih baulu today, I got the moulds and used the recipe from Amy Beh's article. Well.. err... it wasnt as light and fluffy as it should have been, I even tried different things to make it better but not yet.. Nevermind, it was a first try and its fun to try new things..

ai lian's turned out heaps better!

Dug up online some more of the same recipes but they use less egg but had egg white and tapioca flour.. hmmmm. I think I will ask Auntie May Lin (Drew's and Aggie's mum) for her recipe, see how.. Its not like I can do it the traditional way leh..

Strange huh, Im becoming quite domesticated..but I guess I wont be sewing clothes or something anytime soon LOL There are liimts to the level of domesticity that I can do..

Next Im gng to try making a pastry based pie and see how.. After that, the lovely mi koo! a Major childhood fav... I wish I had learnt from my grandma or my great aunts but I wasnt old enough for one and I think at the time I wasnt into it all.. sad really.... but nemind, better late than never and gotta keep going.. maybe I can create my own kids childhood fav eating memories.. :D (please ignore the english lol)

I know min tagged me as "meme Childhood Food memories" I dont have five other people to send it onto really... but Im gng to name my fav 5 childhood memories, food wise..

lemme see:

1. My Ah Ma (grandma)'s bread and butter pudding. I know I know it's not an asian dish as such bbut she made the most unbelievable thing, I have never had anything like it ANYWHERE... my sister and I are trying our darnest to see how we cld even vaguely come close.. even if it's for me dad ;)

2. Sunday lunch's at ah ma's. This was the asian way of showing love and they would lovingly prepare everyones fav dish, including dessert and we'd stuff our faces. From 'lemon curry' (it's a fish dish that's yellow and a very light curry not really spicy, to western dishes to home made ice cream and for my dad, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was such a happy time, we'd not really hv breakfast go there, chitchat to everyone, turn on the radio and listen to the Butterworth RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) radio programs from the Goon show to Top of the Pops as we eat and chattered away.

3. Poh Piah (ok I know it's all my ah ma and her sisters but dang they made good food).It was their signature dish along with their curry or asam laksa.. ohhhh mannnnn..

4. Ah Yang's Ikan Bilis. our helper (been with the family like forever) makes the most unbelievable crispy, sweetish ikan bilis, I really hv never had anything so yum, Im trying desperately to learn but urgh no luck...

5. Can I say durian feast? I know it's not cooked food per se LOL but we used to hv a light snack before (just to "line" the stomach) and just WHALLOP many durians hhehehehe.. Don always whimpers out after just a few seeds but mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

6(or 5 if u're being technical abt the durian haha). Fried Chempedak. I absolutely LOVE this.

Err... does that count?

lia etc


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