Wednesday, July 30, 2003

It was a great night's sleep! Don dealt with the boys in the morning so I had a wee lil lie-in. The boys were fine, they napped ok this morning, well, ok JD did, Jamie didnt really wanna sleep. So he played on his own quite happily downstairs. He loves pointing at things and saying "that?" He tries to imitate what you are saying hes getting so good at this mobility thing and loves it when we let them crawl around upstairs on the landing. JD is learning to stand by himself very well, he even does it himself now, sometimes inadvertantly and then when he realises, he has this 'ooohhh look at me" face on and then sits down. Only a matter of time he stands by himself. Was supposed to go to tesco's today but veles's car battery busted on him so it was a no-go for today. Tomorrow methinks. Another tight month coming, oh joy! May have to delay chewie's shaving till next month and the purchase of the gate. Ugh, I hope I can get that freelance job or something. Dave approached us for another script opp, prob gng to go for it. Only a four pager anyway. One day, we will be paid for all this, one day. Need to earn the moolah, man!

I cleared up the store pretty good so each day we can start re-arranging things and moving don upstairs. We cant get the wireless network connection as yet, maybe at a PC Fair this Nov and we cant get more power sockets upstairs (can u believe the back bedrooms only had ONE each?!?!! ). Eventually we'll hv a lil home office upstairs, once the big cupboard gets moved out. That will be later. At least before the party we will have more room downstairs and the boys will be further away from the TV. Parents been on my case to get this sorted but with don working, it's been tough. Oh well. At least it is getting done before their bday. I prob wont recognise the place. lol F1 coming this w.end, I wonder if I will remain on top spot for another fortnight. It will be a first hehehe. They are showing the CSI episode where they intro the new CSI:Miami team. Funky! Parents shld be around this coming w.end, either Sun or Mon I reckon. I know they cant wait to see the lil ones hehe (their parents are secondary hehe). Check out the funky story over on our boards, those who know Suet will love it!

oh well.. onwards!

later days folks.